Retirement party invite: Quirky Question says goodbye!

Posted by on May 28, 2014, in quirky question

Martingale's Quirky Question

Since we started Stitch This!, we’ve asked you 133 Quirky Questions and received a staggering 20,506 answers from you. Your stories have moved us, made us laugh ourselves silly, and inspired us to try new ideas. And from reading your comments, it’s apparent that you’ve moved and inspired each other, too.

We have many, many more questions for you—we want to chat with you every day, not just once a week! So today we’re retiring our weekly Quirky Question posts. Instead, we’ll be asking you questions in every post we publish and eagerly awaiting your answers. Look for questions at the bottom of each post and sound off whenever you feel inspired. You can always stop by our Facebook page and let your voice be heard there, too!

Although we’re wistful to retire what we affectionately call our “QQ,” we look forward to more fun ahead. Farewell, QQ—it’s been a quilty, quotable, and yes, quirky ride—and as it goes with creative people, it’s been anything but quiet!

We have one last Quirky Question winner to announce. Last week’s question was, “Think fast! In one word, name an emotion you’re feeling about the project you’re working on right now.” Here’s the winning comment, from Shannon:

“SUPERcaliFABRIClisticexpealidoucious – the fabric is of superior quality cotton, the pattern is challenging, the print and colours on the fabric are created by a fabulous artist (canvas painter) and the final product will be stupendous, if I arise to the occasion and am able to quilt with quality. It is my ultimate challenge for a quilt. Everything clicks. YAHOO ZIPPITY DO DAH. (Pardon my enthusiasm).”

Congratulations, Shannon—look for an email about your free eBook.

Share your thoughts about the Quirky Question or tell us about a favorite QQ moment in the comments!

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