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Martingale's Quirky Question

Thanks for stopping by for the weekly Quirky Question—where questions are just for fun, your answers are always welcome, and you could win an eBook for free!

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It’s so fun to buy new quilting toys! But inevitably, over time, those shiny new toys can become a bit tattered, all-out battered, damaged…or worse. Let’s make believe that money is no object in today’s question, shall we? Tell us:

The money’s there—and something in your sewing space is in need of repair. What one item do you buy?

Post your answer in the comments before noon (PST) on Monday, May 12, for your chance to win. The carefully selected winning answer will be posted on Wednesday, May 14, along with the next question.

Last week’s Quirky Question was, “What did you love doing as a child that you still do today?” Here’s the winning comment, from Robin:

“When I was a youngster, I used to love to get scared. I know that sounds strange, but it’s true. I LOVED the thrill of playing a game we called ‘Ghost in the Graveyard,’ which is just a game of hide-n-seek, only you play it in the dark. I also LOVED staying up late on the weekends to watch scary movies, and hearing a good scary story at a slumber party or beside a campfire. I LOVED (still do) to ride on roller coasters. The faster, the better! Now, as an adult, I still like to have a good scare now and then. There are times when I simply HAVE to step out of my quilting comfort zone and try a project that is a bit scary. It’s scary because it’s a new technique, or it has lots of intricate details, or it uses color combinations that I’ve never attempted before. Always, in the back of my mind I’m thinking, ‘What if this turns out really bad and I’m just wasting my time, energy and money?’ Then, in a moment of bravery (or maybe insanity) I forge ahead. Most of the time it turns out more thrilling than frightening. Though, I have had a few projects that turned out to be pretty scary! Those are the ones that ended up as part of the dog’s bed or became a furniture cover in the back of a moving van! I think everyone should try to scare themselves occasionally. It makes you feel alive and young!!!”

Congratulations, Robin—look for an email about your free eBook.

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