Quirky question: how’d you get so creative?

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Martingale's Quirky Question

Thanks for stopping by for the weekly Quirky Question—where questions are just for fun, your answers are always welcome, and you could win an eBook for free!

Vintage Bow Ties quiltRight: “Vintage Bow Ties” by Karen Costello Soltys, from Bits and Pieces. Get the eBook for $11.39 this week only; see a slideshow of quilts from the book below.

Whether you were raised by a pack of quilters or you started quilting all on your own, it’s likely that someone, somewhere inspired you to pick up needle and thread for the first time. In today’s question, tell us about the person who passed along their passion for quilting to you:

Who has been your biggest creative influence?

Post your answer in the comments before noon (PST) on Monday, April 21, for your chance to win. The carefully selected winning answer will be posted on Wednesday, April 23, along with the next question.

Last week’s Quirky Question was, “Have you made an ‘ugly’ quilt? What happened…and where is it now?” Here’s the winning comment, from Kathy:

“Before I make a quilt, I take the time to put fabrics together to see how they complement each other. I ignored that process once when I made my husband a quilt from his school colors—maroon and gold. I chose two solids that competed since they were the same value. I didn’t care for the color combination but completed it anyway, hoping it would look better when finished. Finishing didn’t improve the look so the quilt was relegated to the back of his car. Through the years, it has warmed sleepy children riding in the back seat on winter nights. It has also covered the ground for numerous picnics and trips to the beach. I would never have done these things to a ‘pretty’ quilt. Ugly can serve a purpose because I won’t stress over damaging an ugly quilt. Twenty years later, it is still holding strong!”

Congratulations, Kathy—look for an email about your free eBook.

One Patch Garden quilt

One Patch Garden

Plaid Coins quilt

Plaid Coins

Box of Chocolates quilt

Box of Chocolates

Americana Nine Patch quilt

Americana Nine Patch

Waste Not Want Not quilts

Waste Not Want Not

Sugarplum Stars quilt

Sugarplum Stars

Pastel Pinwheels quilt

Pastel Pinwheels

Sunny Lanes quilt

Sunny Lanes

Amish-Inspired Shoofly quilt

Amish-Inspired Shoofly

Christmas Goose quilt

Christmas Goose

12-Karat Four Patch quilt

12-Karat Four Patch

Antique Diamonds quilt

Antique Diamonds

Pennsylvania Star quilt

Pennsylvania Star

Japanese Circles quilt

Japanese Circles

Maple Sugar Hearts quilt

Maple Sugar Hearts

Sweet Pea quilt

Sweet Pea


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