Your quilted legacy: create it in stunning red and white (+ fabric giveaway!)

When 14 beloved designers get creative with a classic color combination, magic happens. We’re delighted to share a little of that magic from the highly anticipated book Red & White Quilts with you today!

Red & White Quilts

Generations of quilters have been captivated by the simple beauty of red-and-white quilts—and today’s quilters are no different! Whether it’s humble patchwork or glorious appliqué, a quilt made with only red-and-white fabrics instantly speaks to the heart.

From Red & White Quilts

In Red & White Quilts, 14 of our generation’s top designers share their takes on red-and-white quilts, ranging from vintage-inspired beauties to contemporary styles. You’ll be wowed by the celebrity designers included in this breathtaking collection:

Susan AcheLissa AlexanderLisa Bongean • Sue Daley

Kim Diehl • Sarah Huechteman • Jen KingwellCarrie Nelson

Debbie Roberts • Camille Roskelley • Jill Shaulis

Helen Stubbings • Karen Styles • Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Each designer shares her vision of a legacy-worthy red-and-white quilt, and the results are simply spectacular. Although the quilts spotlight each designer’s signature style, they all share that crisp, clean, classic look—a look that will inspire you to create your own quilted legacy in red and white.

At Quilt Market and Festival just last week, Martingale and Moda Fabrics were thrilled to sponsor the Red & White Quilts Special Exhibit—a chance for attendees to see all 14 quilts up close and in person. We were also thrilled that several of the designers were at the show and gathered for a photo op!

Designers of Red & White Quilts
Back row from left: Victoria Findlay Wolfe, Lissa Alexander, Carrie Nelson. Front row from left: Helen Stubbings, Lisa Bongean, Sue Daley, Jill Shaulis, and Karen Styles.

But enough chatting—let’s see each glorious quilt! Since it was impossible to choose just a few of the quilts to show you, we’re sharing a peek at them ALL today, along with a little insight from each designer. Isn’t it a treat to see the designers with their gorgeous quilts?

QUILT #1: SWEET DREAMS by Lissa Alexander

Sweet Dreams quilt
Lissa says, “You’d think this design had some appliqué to create the rings that appear. But there’s not one curved seam or appliqué piece in the entire quilt. Add quilting to emphasize the circular shapes, and this classic 1930s design becomes a graphic, modern quilt. It’s a dream-come-true pattern in my book!”

QUILT #2: RUBY JUBILEE by Karen Styles

Ruby Jubilee quilt
Karen says, “I made this quilt to commemorate a special occasion—my own 40th (ruby) wedding anniversary in 2019. It crosses a long-wished-for design off my ‘quilts I want to make someday’ list. My eye is drawn to the symmetry and precision of the LeMoyne Star pattern—a pattern often made by amazing women of our past.”


Happy Accident quilt
Susan says, “I’m paying tribute to the purest idea of red and white with this pattern. Repeating blocks that create secondary patterns are what excite me about quilting. With alternating positive/negative blocks, a diagonal design emerges once the blocks are joined together.”

QUILT #4: STARS IN FLIGHT by Jill Shaulis

Stars in Flight quilt
Jill says, “Combining Stars and Flying Geese in one block is a win-win for me. My inspiration for this design began with a scrappy antique quilt. I’ve always been drawn to red-and-white quilts, so I adapted the design to a two-color straight-set quilt with light sashing that’s more my style.”

QUILT #5: FLOWER POWER by Helen Stubbings

Flower Power quilt
Helen says, “I love symmetrical, mandala-type designs. Using my easy glue-stick appliqué method, this quilt comes together quickly—the repetition of appliquéd dots and dotted prints in varying scales adds an element of happiness and whimsy to the overall design.”

QUILT #6: #TWISTED CABIN by Sarah Huechteman

Twisted Cabin quilt
Sarah says, “These blocks are assembled Log Cabin style. While the overall effect is of rows radiating out from the center, it’s actually a straight-set, 16-block quilt. Turning the four center blocks so the secondary center-block pattern emerges is what creates the quilt’s WOW factor, giving it a twist on tradition.”

QUILT #7: DAYDREAMS by Camille Roskelley

Daydreams quilt
Camille says, “Making a red-and-white quilt has always been a dream of mine. When the opportunity to create one for this book of dream-come-true quilts came around, I was more than ready to dive in and make that dream a reality. For me, it’s a timeless quilt I’ll love forever.”


Enough with the Curves quilt
Jen says, “Enjoy making this curvy little quilt with your favorite appliqué method. Circles and curved piecing in quilts are pleasing to my eye. One comment on an Instagram post of mine was: ‘Enough with the curves.’ This made me laugh, and I thought, ‘That’s a great name for a quilt!’”


Scarlet Song quilt
Kim says, “After my red prints had been gathered, I fanned them out like a deck of cards, snapped a quick picture with my digital camera, and then took a peek. Any missteps were apparent through the lens of the camera, so I could make changes before cutting fabrics.”

QUILT #10: WALK THIS WAY by Carrie Nelson

Walk this Way quilt
Carrie says, “I’m a girl who loves quilts with lots of pieces and fabrics. So it was a bit surprising that most of my favorite quilts hanging in the Park Avenue Armory for the Infinite Variety exhibit were usually comprised of a single repeated block. This design immediately came to mind for this book because it can be made with two fabrics, two colors, or all the colors.”


Memory of a Masterpiece quilt
Lisa says, “Many quilters keep pictures of antique quilts that seem impossible to make themselves. But as the years go by and your confidence improves, you start thinking, ‘Yes, I could make that.’ I love to collect as many antique quilts as I can. Remaking them acknowledges these masterpieces from the past.”


Tracking Tradition quilt
Debbie says, “Setting out to create a quilt that will stand the test of time is no small feat. For me, this timeless quilt has three important elements—antique-inspired Turkey Tracks blocks, a scrappy two-color palette, and a center appliqué medallion. The roundness of the center wreath softens the points of the quilt’s patchwork.”

QUILT #13: CROWD PLEASER by Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Crowd Pleaser quilt
Victoria says, “I’m obsessed with small piecing and repetitive patterns using simple shapes that can be arranged in new ways. In this case, the quilt is visually mind-bending and doesn’t look traditional at all. It’s a complicated look that’s easy to piece.”


Forever Thoughtful quilt
Sue says, “Savor your stitching time using my favorite method—English paper piecing. Though the technique itself has been around for ages, the combination of my precut papers and tools has turned a once tedious process into an achievable technique.”

And there you have it. Fourteen talented designers. Fourteen glorious quilts. All in red and white. There’s just one problem: choosing which quilt to make first. Ask any Martingale staffer and you’ll get a different answer!

We’ve got an awesome giveaway to celebrate the release of Red & White Quilts today! Our friends at Moda Fabrics sent along two Layer Cakes and a fat-eighth bundle featuring The Good Life fabric line from a Red & White Quilts designer: Camille Roskelley of Bonnie & Camille!

A little red, a little white, and a little splash of other colors, just for funsies!

To win one of the three precut bundles from Moda plus a copy of Red & White Quilts, tell us in the comments:

Red & White QuiltsWhat technique would you use to make your legacy-worthy red-and-white quilt?

  • Patchwork
  • Appliqué
  • A little bit of both!

We’ll choose three winners one week from today and let you know by email if you win. Good luck!

Can’t wait to rifle through your stash and start choosing fabrics for your red-and-white quilt? Purchase Red & White Quilts at our website and you’ll be able to instantly download the eBook for free.

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Tracey says, “I would do an exact repeating patchwork. It is just so striking to see the repetition of the two colors in the same exact block.”

Callie says, “Gorgeous quilts! I LOVE red & white quilts!  I adore quilts that contain both patchwork and appliqué, so I think I would use both techniques.”

We’ll email you about your prizes, winners—congratulations!


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