What to write on a quilt label (+ free quilt labels to print)

From At Home with Country QuiltsPicture it: It’s the year 2115. Your great-great (great?) granddaughter is all smiles: she’s spending her day discovering old treasures inside a hope chest she came across in a family attic.

She finds a beautiful quilt inside.

She carefully unfolds the quilt and drapes it over a nearby chair. It’s held up well through the years, she thinks to herself. She lifts the quilt again and begins turning it over in her hands, moving toward each corner. To the back, to the front, to the back again.

She sighs.

There is no label. There is no record of who made the quilt.

Your great-great (great) granddaughter is so not happy with you right now.

Back to 2015. Why label your quilts? Because the quilts you make are valuable and important (and they’ll last a long time). Your quilts are meaningful to those around you now, and they’ll mean something to family members and friends in the future too.

So, we’re all in agreement: labeling your quilts is a good thing! But the question remains: what kind of information should you include? Here are a few necessities, along with details to add depending on the type of quilt you make.

One-of-a-Kind Quilt LabelsWhat to Write on a Quilt Label
From One-of-a-Kind Quilt Labels by Thea Nerud

At the absolute minimum, a quilt label should include:

  • The name of the quiltmaker
  • The city, state, and year in which the quilt was made

You can also include things like:

  • Quilt name
  • Quilt style or pattern name
  • Name of recipient
  • Occasion for making the quilt (birthday, wedding, etc.)
  • Date of the occasion commemorated or celebrated
  • Name of the quilter, if different from the quiltmaker
  • Special messages, poems, or quotes

A special note for married women: be sure to include your maiden name as well as your married name on your quilt labels. This more easily identifies you and your family relationships. Genealogy buffs will applaud you.

If you’re looking to add as much creativity to your labels as you do to your quilts, One-of-a-Kind Quilt Labels offers loads of ideas for adding hand lettering, embroidery, cross stitch, photos, appliqué—you’ll even find ideas for how to set a label into a quilt block.

Prefer more pared-down, practical labels? You can download these all-occasion quilt labels from us right now. Print the labels onto fabric and personalize them with the information of your choice.

Download Martingale’s free printable quilt labels; add them to the back of your quilts using your favorite appliqué method.

Not sure how to print labels onto fabric? Check out this tutorial, which explains how easy it is to print on fabric by feeding freezer paper through your printer. Or visit your local quilt shop and ask about paper-backed fabric sheets made specifically for inkjet printers.

The quilt labels are our gift to you—just promise you’ll use them! And we’ll promise too.

Here’s a final tip for making your quilts last even longer, no matter what the future holds:

Quick tip: pocket the scraps

Quilt labels: always, sometimes, never, or starting right now? Tell us in the comments!

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