What is your quilty name?

Welcome to Quilt Town!

The Village Square quilt from Irish Chain Quilts
“The Village Square” from Irish Chain Quilts (available in May; add to wish list)

Quilt Town is the coziest city on earth, a place where all persons, places, and things are snuggled up in—you guessed it—quilts! You, me, rooftops, tree trunks, mailboxes, swimming-pool covers…

The Village Square quilt detailAll the quilters in Quilt Town are granted special powers: perfect ¼" seams, flawless matching points, and boundless creativity. Plus a never-ending supply of calorie-free chocolate.

In Quilt Town, it’s never more than a two-block walk to the local quilt shop. Why? Because there’s a quilt shop every two blocks!

Now, in Quilt Town we all have special names. Cozy, quilty names. And if you’re reading this post—PATCHACADABRA!—you just became an honorary citizen of Quilt Town. And all honorary citizens are granted their own special, cozy quilty names. Find out your quilty name below.

What is your Quilt Town name?

Thanks for visiting Quilt Town! Stop by anytime you need a quilting fix or a quilting friend.

P.S. We originally named our quilty city "Quiltville;" our apologies to the Quiltville down the road! A few people pointed out that the name we chose for our city is already on the map. Talk about an oops. Of course we know and love Bonnie Hunter’s site; our memory simply failed us when coming up with a name for our little game.

Want to create a little Quilt Town of your own? Check out these fun, city-inspired patterns:

House quilts from Fig Tree Quilts: Houses
Fig Tree Quilts: Houses (individual ePatterns also available)

Quilted bed runner from Christmas is Coming
Christmas Is Coming

House quilt from Folk-Art Favorites
From Folk-Art Favorites

What’s your quilt name in Quilt Town? Tell us in the comments!

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