Welcome home! 🏡 All-new house projects to build with Yoko Saito (+ giveaway!)

Japanese master quilter Yoko Saito returns with an all-new collection of house projects to build and enjoy!

In Yoko Saito’s I Love Houses, 20 bags, totes, purses, pouches, wall quilts, and more celebrate two sides of Ms. Saito’s work—her traditional patchwork roots and her fanciful appliqué creations.

City Skyline

Create a city skyline, construct a tiny town, stitch and frame single dwellings, or appliqué a giant mushroom house owned by two little ladybugs—so many fresh ideas to savor.

Zippered Sewing Case

In the introduction to the book, Ms. Saito explains her love of the time-honored house motif:

“If I were asked what motif I would never tire of making in my life, I would have to say house blocks and appliqués. I think that many who do patchwork and quilting love houses as well. Designing these houses out of fabric is almost like building a real house.

In my first book on this subject, Houses, Houses, Houses, which was published more than 10 years ago, most of the houses were modeled after houses that I consider American in style. Perhaps this is because I was first introduced to quilts in America, and that is where I had spent the most time traveling. However, in the last decade I have had the opportunity to go to mainland Europe and the Scandinavian countries quite often. I began to notice the different styles of the houses in this different climate and culture and how they were designed and built.

Everyday Handbag

As I visited various cities, towns, and villages, I rarely saw two houses with the same design. In fact, the shapes, colors, number of doors and windows, and the roof lines were often completely different. Perhaps this is a reflection of a culture that honors the tradition of handicrafts.”

Boston Bag

Ms. Saito clearly feels right at home with houses—they reflect the warmth of the world around us. Tell us: What kind of houses would you build in fabric?

  • Houses in the city: that’s where all the fun is!
  • Houses in the country: I prefer a relaxed pace.
  • A version of my neighborhood, using Ms. Saito’s designs as my muse.

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Thanks to all who entered the drawing! The winner is Annie Flaherty who says:

“These are the nicest bags I have seen in a long time. Can’t wait to make some of them!”

Ready to start your fabric houses asap? Purchase Yoko Saito’s I Love Houses at our website and we’ll pop your “building plans” in the mail to you!We’ll email you about your prize, Annie—congratulations!


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