Quilters, congregate! Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day is on…

Ditch your plans. Clear your schedule. Toss your to-do list and call your quilty friends. Saturday, January 25, is the second-annual Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day, and you’ve just gotta be there to lend your support! Quilt shops around the country are hosting special events and lots of fabric-filled fun for their celebrating customers. Visit just one shop, or stop by and say hello to every shop in a 100-mile range. But join them!

I love my local quilt shop!

We asked a few of our authors about their favorite local quilt shops; here’s what they had to say.

Kathy BrownFrom Kathy Brown, author of Strip-Smart Quilts II, Fat-Quarter Quickies, Strip-Smart Quilts, More Take 5 Quilts, and Take 5 Quilts: “My favorite quilt shop? It’s impossible to pick one. All the quilt shops in my area are so unique and offer such a wide variety of products and services—not to mention their fabulous southern Louisiana hospitality! From Red Stick Quilt Shop with its modern/traditional mix and fresh ideas to Cottage Creations and Quilts, which is aptly nestled in a little Cajun cottage; to The Quilt Corner ‎with its awesome Louisiana themed room to Mama’s Quilt Shop, which is off the beaten path but so worth the drive…and last but not least is Bright Hopes Quilting, where they have everything a quilter could possibly want, including tons of enthusiasm in a quaint and charming little town!

Now do you see why I can’t pick just one?”

Margaret RolfeFrom Margaret Rolfe, author of A Quilter’s Ark, Successful Scrap Quilts from Simple Rectangles, Quilts on the Double, and The Magic of Quiltmaking:Maleny Magic Patchwork and Quilts says it all—it is magic! The shop is situated in the hills behind Australia’s glorious Sunshine Coast, north of Brisbane, Queensland. I live miles away, down south in Melbourne, but it’s my favorite store because it’s helped me out with mail order these past few years when I haven’t easily been able to shop myself. Bev Perel, the owner, has been especially kind in looking after me. I’ve gotten gorgeous Japanese fabrics there, as the shop specializes in them.”

Gerri RobinsonFrom Gerri Robinson, author of A Cut Above: Turn Charm Squares, Strips, and More into Beautiful Patchwork: “Local quilt shop? How about ‘neighborhood’ quilt shop? I consider myself extremely lucky to have not one but TWO quilt stores less than three miles from my house: Quilt Beginnings North and Red Rooster Quilts. Quilt Beginnings North is my go-to shop for all things Pfaff related and more; pre-wound bobbins, all kinds of needles, and sewing machines. Yes, I purchased all three of my Pfaff machines from them and I was just there this past Saturday ‘checking out’ an embroidery machine. I didn’t bite, but Jill sure did a great job trying to convince me I needed one. Red Rooster Quilts is my go-to shop for all my quilting mishaps . . . miscalculated yardage and mis-cut fabrics. With their selection of traditional and reproduction prints, I can always find a print that will do the job.”

Maaike Bakker and Francoise MaarseFrom Françoise Maarse (pictured right), coauthor of A Paper-Pieced Garden: “The shop I visit most is not a ‘local’ shop, but a two-hour drive. For Dutch people that is a long drive…but it’s the shop of my friend and co-author, Maaike Bakker! Maaike has a studio in the Netherlands where she offers quilt workshops. I love her studio; it has a lot of inspiring fabrics and it’s a wonderful place to be creative. Just a good place for a short break.

Shops with bright colors are my favorites: all colors of the rainbow, big flowers, small ones, stripes—everything is OK if it has color! One of the shops that has all this is Marina’s Quiltcorner at Den Dolder in the Netherlands. The owner was the first Dutch person to have a copy of our book, A Paper-Pieced Garden.”

Need a good excuse to pop into your LQS on Saturday? We’ve got one for every quilter. How about these:

Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day

Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day

Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day

Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day

Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day
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Remember, you are what keeps your local quilt shop in business—YOU. Pledge to visit your local quilt shop on Saturday, January 25, and get your creative motor running in 2014!

What do you love most about your local quilt shop? Share your praise (and links to shop websites if you’ve got ’em) in the comments!

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  • I love when I walk into either of my local quilt shops they address me by name, then let me browse as much as I want , they know because I am a fabric junkie they don’t have to try to sell. The fabric will do that for them. We always have a chit chat while they cut.so welcoming. I make a point to search out quilt shops wherever I travel and always head to the classroom to see what people are working on with what fabrics and every one will talk with you, again very welcoming

    —D ebbie cashmore on January 23, 2014
  • I LOVE my local quilt shop, A Scarlet Thread! Not only does it have a great collection of fabrics, you also could not get a better staff! And they are such a help with all things Babylock! Shout out to A Scarlet Thread owners Ken and Karen Taylor!

    —Sue Cleek on January 23, 2014
  • My local quilt shop, Sleepy Valley Quilt Company, in Port Angeles, WA is a must visit if you are ever in the area! They have a wide range of fabrics from batiks, to novelty, to great blenders & everything in between. The owner, Teresa is amazing. When the classroom is not booked, she lets groups use it for free. One of the most popular groups is the Open Sew when anyone can come & spend the day quilting with friends. Teresa always goes the extra mile for her customers!

    —Carol Gearey on January 23, 2014
  • There are two quilt shops that I visit regularly, Cotton and Chocolate and Candy’s Quiltworks. I love both of these shops because they make me Happy! There is nothing that can get you out of a funky mood faster than walking into one of these stores and seeing all of the beautiful colors and patterns. Anything that was ailing you is now a thing of the past and you feel reborn and ready to set upon a new quilting adventure. And the neat thing is that it happens EVERY time I walk in the door!

    —Cathy Stern on January 23, 2014
  • It’s LOCAL and not mail order and I can touch, feel, smell, and get energy for it all! And before I get it cut and buy it!!!!I know I am going to use and love it!

    —diane on January 23, 2014
  • I love my local shop – The Needle and I Quilt Shop in Burnaby, BC Canada. I love that when I’m looking for a special fabric that it’s right there and I don’t have to wait for the ‘package’ to arrive from an on line store. Quality is great and the staff and the owner are friendly and very helpful. Samples in the store are inspiring too!

    —Marion on January 23, 2014
  • I live in the city of Sarasota, Florida. We are very lucky to have several wonderful quilt shops in our area and in the surrounding areas. They are all unique, offering different fabrics and services. I would love to shop this Saturday on local quilt shop day but have spent too much money recently at them….but I do NEED some more blue fabric for the Storm at Sea lap quilt I am making!!!

    —Karen B on January 23, 2014
  • Like Cheers, everybody knows my name! It’s a small town and all the ladies are interested in one’s project. The Village Dry Goods doesn’t alert husbands on the checks made out to them-could be underwear you are buying.

    —Deanna Sue Adams on January 23, 2014
  • My favorite thing about Sulphur Grove Quilt Shop in Huber Heights, Ohio is Carol, the owner. She’s friendly & helpful. And I also love Lenny the shop cat…that’s one fat cat!

    —Debbie on January 23, 2014
  • I love my local quilt shop, "Jackman’s Fabrics", because of all the beautiful fabrics available and the wonderful classes they have to offer any quilter. I walk in and don’t know which way to turn – there is so much to see! Their samples are always so inspiring!

    —Kathy Biciocchi on January 23, 2014
  • GOLDEN LANE FABRICS PENN YAN NEW YORK You can’t beat the service,you need extra yardage after you have started a quilt ,it’s a phone call away you have it within 1-2 days.Ada is always willing to help with the tricky patterns ,the math,and what a great eye for color..Disspite bad weather you open the door to her shop and the warmth and friendlyness it like like no place else I know.See you there.

    lynne mulcahey on January 23, 2014
  • Circle of Friends Quilt Shoppe, in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, greets me and Husband (who quilts) by name, full of smiles and many warm colours to comfort and inspire, they have an excellent selection of fabric and many new up to date notions. Very helpful no mater how old you UFO is. Cheers to Quilt Shoppe

    —Bonnie Laing on January 23, 2014
  • I can walk to my local quilt store and it has big, big selection of fabric.

    —Linda Christianson on January 23, 2014
  • Honey Bee Quilt Store is one of my favorite shops, quilt or otherwise. Not only do they support me in my quilting efforts, (not much help with fabric-addiction)they worry about me if I haven’t been in for awhile, and they are better than therapy for life’s issues that come and go. They are always willing to help me with fabric selection, stuck on a project, or new tools to oh and ah over. As with Cheers mentioned above, first name basis with employees and customers. Classes and get togethers are fun, informative and helpful to others (Linus, pillowcases, memory quilts, etc)
    God Bless Honey Bee Quilts. Plus in my check book, HBQ looks a lot like HEB, the local grocery – just in case someone is monitoring checkbook…

    elaine skeen on January 23, 2014
  • My favorite shop is Quilted Threads in Henniker, NH. When I go there, I feel like I am home.
    Do you remember the song for the tv show ‘Cheers’? That’s how it feels. "Where everybody knows your name!"

    —jean balliro on January 23, 2014
  • For me shopping for fabric is a tactile experience. I want to feel it, see the color in daylight, examine the weave, print quality, fabric content and stack up bolts side by side to be sure my choices fit well together. You cannot do that on a web site. Also, the sales staff are friendly and have helpful suggestions if I missed something. I can read the information on the bolt, buy thread, needles, notions, leaf through books and patterns, and learn what’s new. It’s personal and personable.

    —Vera Smith on January 23, 2014
  • I live in Auburn, California and our quilt shop is wonderful. Everyone knows who you are and helps if you need it. They let you browse if you just want to look at all their beautiful fabrics. They have a variety of classes taught by some talented sewers. Come check it out.

    —Dorothy Van Pelt on January 23, 2014
  • My favorite quilt shop is The Quilted Fox in Frontenac, MO. We moved to St Louis from a small town in Arkansas and I was a little intemidated about the "big city". But when my daughter and I walked in we felt at home. The ladies were very very nice, friendly and helpful. The shop is FULL of anything you will need. It is a joy to visit.

    —Becky Sims on January 24, 2014
  • Categorically all my local quilt shops have great quality fabric, have great advice on colors -mix-match and scale, will try to find more of the fabric you shorted your project, and interesting kitted projects-whew, and it’s a place to go to banish cabin fever.
    PS thanks for naming names-more places to check out; my area is Western WA.

    —Carol on January 25, 2014
  • I did my part: Lone Star House of Quilts & Peggy’s Quilt Studio in Arlington, Tx. Fabric, friends, fun: love it! Happy Visit Your LQS Day!

    —Ragmop/Sandy on January 25, 2014
  • Not that I ever need an excuse to drop by Pinwheels & Posies, in Dickinson, TX, but since it was "Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day" I did my civic duty!

    It is always nice to visit a shop and be greeted by your name.

    —Crazy Cuban on January 26, 2014

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