📹 Video: improv piecing (use EVERY scrap you own!)

From Stash StatementScrap collectors, gatherers, accumulators, and hoarders—today’s video is going to inspire you to dive into those bins, boxes, and drawers (closets?) full of scraps and DO something wonderful with them, once and for all. This is THE reason you’ve been saving them!

The technique? It’s called improv piecing.

Now, you might’ve heard that term before, and for some it may sound intimidating. But Stash Statement author Kelly Young is going to WOW you with the improv technique she uses in the video below. The technique is SO fun, it goes SO fast, and it will help you SEW your scraps into beautiful quilts!

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Did Kelly just blow your mind? Did you see the amount of scraps she had leftover? (If not, travel to 6:57 in the video.) Are you feeling freshly inspired about your scrap basket? Take a look at some of the quilts Kelly’s designed using improv piecing—get a dozen patterns in Stash Statement:

Grand Bazaar improv quilt
Grand Bazaar

Precarious improv quilt

Regatta improv quilt

Kelly YoungHere’s what Kelly says about those who’ve shied away from improv in the past:

“Though improvisation has recently exploded in modern quilting, using every single scrap of fabric and ‘making it work’ is a hallmark of some of the earliest patchwork quilts. Improv piecing is truly adaptable to every style.

For some folks, the beauty of improv lies in its lack of planning, but for many quilters, this is exactly what keeps them from giving it a try. In chatting with quilters, I’ve learned that another roadblock for those who shy away from improvisation is that the finished quilt is often visually overwhelming. Instead, many prefer more uniformity in their quilts. That’s exactly what’s provided in Stash Statement! With structured improvisation, you get all of the following benefits:

  • You have a pattern to follow.
  • Each quilt is designed with a background fabric, which keeps the finished quilt from being too visually crazy.
  • You’ll have your choice of three different methods for improv piecing, each one complete with step-by-step instructions and photos to help you along.
  • You can use any scraps you have on hand—modern colors, traditional prints, batiks—anything goes!

From Stash Statement
Detail of Kelly’s Precarious quilt—check out how many different fabrics she packs in!

  • There’s no additional cutting to make scraps into uniform sizes. Grab whatever scraps happen to be in your bins and just start sewing.
  • There is virtually no fabric waste!

Improv is a fantastic way to show off cherished scraps. I hope that Stash Statement will get you excited to dive into your scrap bins to create quilts that are uniquely your own.”

Stash StatementNow that you’ve seen Kelly’s method, tell us:

Have you tried improv piecing?

  • Yes. And I love it!
  • Yes. But it turned out a little “visually crazy” like Kelly mentioned.
  • Not yet. But I have plenty of scraps to give it a whirl!

Tell us about your improv experience in the comments!

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