Turn scraps into beautiful baskets? You gotta see it to believe it (+ flash sale!)

If you’ve got scraps and stash fabrics just waiting to be transformed into something beautiful and useful, read on. Today we’re sharing ideas from the sequel to the best-selling It’s a Wrap book, and if you’ve never seen these kinds of projects before, we guarantee you’ll flip your (fabric) lid—they’ll breathe new life into your stash!


It’s a Wrap II by Susan Breier reveals a fun and easy way to use up your scraps and leftover strips with a technique that anyone can learn in a snap. And we mean anyone—just look at this how-to video from Susan’s first book:

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So easy—simply wrap, coil, and sew. Once you get the hang of the basic technique, you can create dazzling baskets, bowls, plates, and more in all kinds of shapes and sizes. And what’s best about Susan’s second book is that it contains three new project shapes to triple your playtime!

Start with round, oval, and square baskets to learn the basics:

Round and oval baskets

Square basket

Then try triangle shapes:

Triangle basket

Figure eights:

Figure-eight basket

Lids and handles:

Basket lid

Basket handle

And our favorite—hearts! 💕💕💕

How sweet is this scrappy heart basket? Give it as a gift and fill it with the gift recipient’s favorite little things—fancy wrapped chocolates immediately come to mind!

You can even create one-of-a-kind, work-of-art purses—the purse below is sewn as a narrow oval basket with added handles, pockets, and a closure.

Basic oval purse

Embellishment fans will love this extra perk: an entire chapter is dedicated to embellishing projects with beads, paints, buttons, charms, appliqués, and even wrapped-clothesline embellishments.

Basket embellishments

Time to “wrap” things up! Would you like to try a project from It’s a Wrap II? Grab the eBook for just FIVE BUCKS this weekend!

Take a peek at your fabric stash: what color would rule in your baskets, bowls, and such? Tell us in the comments!

Sale ends at noon (PT) on January 23, 2017.







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