Simple tip for improving scrappy-quilt colors

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Outside, Mother Nature is going bold with vibrant patches of color. Which leaves us in the mood to do the same at the sewing machine by making scrappy, colorful quilts.

But what if you’re unsure how to translate that gorgeous scrap quilt in your head into reality? Picking fabrics you love is a great place to start, but even that excellent advice won’t take you all the way. That’s because picking fabrics for a scrappy, colorful quilt can be tricky. Throw together whatever scraps you have on hand, and the resulting patchwork might be magical—or a muddled mess.

Luckily, there’s a simple trick to making diverse fabrics work well together. And Heather and Elissa Willms are happy to share it with you.

Scrappy blue and yellow quilt from Double Take

Scrappy quilt colors: when more is better

When choosing fabrics for a scrappy-looking project, often the more colors and prints you include, the more you can get away with. If a color or print doesn’t coordinate with the 3 or 4 fabrics you’re working with, it will be noticed. If that same fabric is combined with 20 other fabrics, it will tend to blend a little more.

From Double Take: Quilts with That Hopscotch Twist
by Heather Willms and Elissa Willms

How easy! When it comes to scrappy quilts, nothing succeeds like excess.

In that spirit of exuberance, today we’re celebrating quilters who inspire us with scrappy, colorful quilts.

Ideas for colorful quilts: bright or country?

Quiltmaker Heather Willms loves muted colors, and daughter Elissa prefers cheerful brights. You get to enjoy both approaches in Double Take, a collection of 16 quilts, tote bags, place mats, and more.

Scrappy star quilt from Double Take
Get inspired by more patterns from Double Take here.

Ideas for colorful quilts: inspired by Bali

Discover the beauty of Bali—translated into stunning quilts! In SuperStrata Quilts, you’ll learn how to create richly complex designs from simple strip sets.
Blue scrappy quilt from SuperStrata Quilts
Get inspired by more patterns from SuperStrata Quilts here.

Ideas for colorful quilts: make it simple

“Fast, fun, and easy.” That’s what you get with every one of the quick patterns inside Sew Fun, So Colorful Quilts.

Blue and green scrappy quilt from Sew Fun So Colorful Quilts
Get inspired by more patterns from Sew Fun, So Colorful Quilts here.

How do you like your scrappy quilts: planned or unplanned? Let us know in the comments!

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