Tips for Selecting Fabrics and Color Combinations with Jen Kingwell VIDEO

Did you ever think that a 14-minute video could change your quilting life? Well, here you go! Build your color confidence with the help of "Quilt Recipes" author, Jen Kingwell, as she explains how she picks fabrics for her projects. She walks you through her tiered method (don’t worry, it’s not scary–it’s just a way to break down the steps) for selecting fabrics and choosing color combinations.

(If the video doesn’t show up in your browser, click here to view the Tips for Choosing Color video with Jen Kingwell on our YouTube channel.)

Join Jen in her Australia-based quilt shop, Amitié Textiles, as she does a step-by-step fabric pull to demonstrate how YOU can:

• choose fabrics to create visual interest.

• use her tiered method to provide sparkle.

• achieve a scrappy–yet coordinated–look for your quilts.

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Jen also details how she chose fabrics for the Diamond Exchange quilt pattern (pictured, above) from her new book, "Quilt Recipes". She explains how she balances print, color, and contrast, plus the perks of using a design wall.

Preorder your copy of "Quilt Recipes" from so you can get the instructions for Diamond Exchange + instructions for 11 additional pillow and quilt projects + 8 tasty dessert recipes + stitching and baking tips! Check out this video for a quick flip through of the 192-page hardcover book. Please note: Circumstances beyond our control have delayed delivery of "Quilt Recipes" to mid/late November. We apologize for the delay, and we appreciate your patience.


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