Tips for pressing quilt blocks: to one side, open, or both? (video tutorial 📹 )

From Oh, Scrap!In recent years there’s been an ongoing conversation in quilting circles about pressing. Which method is better—pressing seams to one side or pressing seams open—and why? It’s a pressing question! 😂

Oh, Scrap! author Lissa Alexander knows a thing or two about pressing. After all, she made all of these amazing quilts:

From Oh, Scrap!

Her pressing preference? You might be surprised to learn that Lissa uses what she calls the “old-school” method of pressing to one side AND she presses seams open too. There’s a when and a why to her approach, and her explanation just might get you to rethink your pressing steps! Watch below for Lissa’s tips for pressing quilt blocks both ways:

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Unit by unit, block by block—Lissa’s pressing tactics make a lot of sense for creating fantastically flat quilt tops!

Use Lissa’s tips for pressing quilt blocks as you make her quilts from Oh, Scrap!, including:

Firecrackers quilt

Sherbet Stars quilt
Sherbet Stars (Lissa shares tips for making her spectacular Lone Star blocks
in this video)

Awesomeland quilt

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Oh, Scrap!So, how do you typically press your seams?

  • I press to one side.
  • I press seams open.
  • I do both like Lissa!

Tell us in the comments—and if you’ve tried the wool pressing mat and bar that Lissa uses in the video, let us know what you think of them too!

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