This video makes it SO easy to choose colors for your quilts

You’ve carved out a few hours to quilt, and you want to start something new. Whoo-hoo!

You pore over your books and peruse your patterns. Ah-ha! You found the perfect quilt to get started.

Now, time to choose colors. You approach your stash, start pulling fabrics . . . and all of a sudden you feel a wave of anxiety wash over you. So many fabrics, so many colors. How do you even begin to decide which colors make the grade?

Say so-long to that scary feeling! We’ve got a little tip for you today from Brigitte Heitland, interior designer and author of Zen Chic Inspired. Her approach will set you straight on your way to choosing colors with ease.

We caught up with Brigitte at Spring Quilt Market and she showed us how she likes to choose colors for her quilts. All you need is a picture and paint chips to create a winning palette. Watch and see!

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In Zen Chic Inspired, Brigitte shares tons of tips for creating quilts that capture your unique style, along with a dozen step-by-step quilt patterns. No difficult design concepts here—Brigitte’s approach is innovative and fun. From turning a pixelated image of your space into a color palette, to transforming the shapes in a room (a lamp, a cushion, a coffee cup) into a foundation for a show-stopping quilt, you’ll love Brigitte’s practical advice for designing quilts that tell your story. And the styled room shots that inspired the 12 quilt patterns inside? 😍 Gorgeous!

Click here for another video example from Brigitte on how to choose colors for your quilts. And if you’re ready to learn more from Brigitte, pick up Zen Chic Inspired at your local quilt shop or at our website,

So, how do you typically pick colors for your quilts?

  • I’m a planner—I carefully choose where every color goes.
  • Sometimes I plan and sometimes I let the chips fall where they may.
  • I piece randomly—I don’t know what my quilts will look like until the very end!

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