The more the merrier: one quilt book, many designers

Midnight Star quilt by Mary HickeyImagine it: you’ve just arrived at the ultimate quilt show. Peeking down an aisle, you see several popular quilt designers teaching attendees a special technique and sharing how they made final fabric choices for new designs.

You happily browse the aisles, stopping to admire one designer’s latest quilt, leaning in to learn a clever technique from another. Inspiration is coming from so many directions—you can’t wait to get back home and quilt!


Darn…daydream’s over. Okay, so maybe there’s no quilt show coming to your town today. How else can you enjoy quilts from so many designers in one place? By opening one of our compilation eBooks, each featuring patterns from an abundance of different designers!

Designer compilation #1: That Patchwork Place Quilt Collection

Quilts from That Patchwork Place Quilt Collection
Clockwise from top: “Midnight Madness” by Gayle Bong, “Nickel Bricks” by Claudia Plett and Le Ann Weaver, “Around the Town” by Nancy J. Martin, “Lemon Twist” by Cindy Walker

That Patchwork Place Quilt CollectionPlus designer patterns from:
Karla Alexander • Cheryl Brown • Teri Christopherson and Barbara Brandeburg • Deanne Eisenman • Sandy Klop • Cindy Lammon • Nancy Mahoney • Cynthia Tomaszewski and more!

eBook: $19.99

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Designer compilation #2: Creative Quilt Collection Volume 3

Quilts from Creative Quilt Collection Volume 3
Clockwise from top: “Winterberries” by Kim Diehl, “Mini Mimi” by Mimi Dietrich, “Lost Ships” by Tricia Lund, “City Flats” by Joanna Figueroa

Creative Quilt Collection Volume 3Plus designer patterns from:
Lynn Roddy Brown • Linda Lum DeBono • Heather Mulder Peterson • Mary Hickey • Me and My Sister Designs • Heather Mulder Peterson • Laurie Simpson and more!

eBook: $19.95

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Designer compilation #3: Christmas at That Patchwork Place

Clockwise from top: “Holly Wreaths” by Mimi Dietrich, “Christmas Tulips” by Tricia Lund, “Cardinals” by Deborah J. Moffett-Hall, “Holiday Reflections” by Retta Warehime

Christmas at That Patchwork PlacePlus designer patterns from:
Roxanne Carter • Amy Whalen Helmkamp • Pamela Mostek • Jenni Paige • Judy Pollard • Jean Van Bockel and more!

eBook: $14.95

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More designer pattern collections!

A Flair for FabricA Flair for Fabric: Creative Sewing Projects from the Designers at Henry Glass
Take your flair for fabric to new heights! Get real-life solutions for choosing fabrics for quilts from Kim Diehl, Buggy Barn, and Little Quilts, to name just a few. Enjoy beautiful patterns from 14 Henry Glass designers plus five tutorials on combining fabrics from different lines.

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Fun-Size QuiltsFun-Size Quilts: 17 Popular Designers Play with Fat Quarters
Got fat quarters? Discover 19 delightful ways to use them in Fun-Size Quilts! Fat-quarter friendly designs come from some of today’s most popular designers, including Julie Herman, Rebecca Silbaugh, and Elizabeth Dackson.

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What’s your dream quilt show like: lots of classes to take, lots of designers to meet, or lots of fabric to buy? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Lots of different types of quilts to see.

    —Quilting Tangent on December 8, 2014
  • All of the above. Wooohooo! Especially fabrics, kits and patterns. Love seeing the ideas that have been created. Unfortunately the two shows I went to are no longer in my area. The International show in Cincinnati, Oh. and NQA in Columbus, Oh.
    Gone, simply gone to another city. What a shame.

    —Patricia D. Roberts on December 8, 2014
  • My ‘Dream’ quilt Show would have lots of my favorite quilters doing demos, meet & greets, and teaching classes like Angela Walters, Kimberly Einmo, Camille Roskelley, Eleanor Burns, Jenny Doan and the like,with lots of fabric designers talking about what inspires them in creating fabrics and doing meet & greets,and lots and lots of fabrics together as collections, with a few freebies and sample packs for sale (sample packs would include 5 2.5″ strips,10 5″ charms, & 5 10″ layer cake squares of 1 collection, as well as a mini pattern created for their use). With books & patterns and set in a more intimate setting than the Houston Quilt Show…sounds like fun to me.

    —Sharon Simons on December 8, 2014
  • Wow! As they say, too many quilts to make and not enough time in a day!!! I dream of making many quilts, but just can’t get the motivation to get them all done, but I’m trying…one by one…

    —Jeanette on December 8, 2014
  • Fabric and Decigners! – I love fabric. But I would love to learn more techniques from designers, see how they choose colors and tap into some of their artistry. I am in awe of the designers and their multitude and variety of quilts. And in Colorado so I could escape work, kids and spend a day on my hobby without the travel expense.

    —Dana Crossland on December 8, 2014
  • I love to get inspiration from the quilts. I love lots of venders and good quality classes. I am part of a yearly quilt show and the vender that sold books retired. I wish it were easier to find book venders. They are few and far between.

    —Barbara on December 8, 2014
  • My dream quilt show would have to be one that wasn’t hours/kilometres away; had a broad range of quilts on display by a broad range of expert quilters with whom I could talk and ask questions, pick their brains and seek their inspiration. At least dreams don’t cost anything!

    Deborah on December 12, 2014
  • Looking at quilts and talking with the vendors, while looking at thier wares. +
    I must share a story with you all. While handing out won door prizes for our Guild’s quilt show, I happened to be sitting under the main A/C vent, which was extremely cold. A vendor walked by and asked if I was cold, to which, I responded I was freezing. She went to her section, took a quilt off her display wall, came back, and wrapped it around me. During the day, many compliments and inquiries about her quilt’s pattern were asked and needless to say, I sent a lot of business to her that day.

    If you’re in Florida, our September Jacksonville Quilt show and our Lakeland show are the biggest ones we have. Sorry, I don’t remember the month this one is held in.

    Keep smiling,

    Lynnita Shipman on December 13, 2014

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