The cleverest ever way to embroider satin-stitched circles 🔴 (video)

Welcome to a week of holidaythemed sewing fun at Stitch This!

This week we’ll be sharing Christmas gift-making ideas with you, courtesy of talented designers who’ve authored books on the topic.

We love Kathy Schmitz’s “Stitches” series of books based on the seasons—and with Christmas on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to dive in to a new project for decorating, for gift giving, or just to inspire a little holiday cheer.

Winter Glory Pillow
Winter Glory Pillow from
Stitches from the Yuletide

Satin-stitch berries detailToday, we’ve got a great embroidery tip for making some of the projects in Kathy Schmitz’s latest book, Stitches from the Yuletide. In the photo on the right, you’ll see an example of Kathy’s perfectly round, satin-stitched winter berries. How does she get them to look flawless? Well, we recently found out Kathy’s trick—and it came from her mom! Take a look at the video below for the secret:

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Kathy and her mom = satin-stitch smarts!

Of course, you can use this technique on any circle shape you embroider. Embroider berries on any of these winter-themed projects:

Winter Fest Table Runner
Winter Fest Table Runner from
Stitches from the Yuletide

Turn your berries into cherries for the spring season:

Cheery Cherries Mini Tote
Cheery Cherries Mini Tote from
Stitches from the Garden

Or switch them up again for autumn—which is just a few weeks away!

Autumn Sheaf Needle Keeper
Autumn Sheaf Needle Keeper
from Stitches from the Harvest

Want more embroidery tips? Click here to watch our embroidery videos on Youtube.

Do you use satin stitches in your embroidery?

  • Yes, and I use Kathy and her mom’s method for filling in—it’s a “berry” good trick!
  • I’ve satin stitched, but not like this.
  • Not yet—but I might have to give this “filler” tip a try!

Tell us in the comments!

P.S. Buy two or more of Kathy’s books and we’ll pay
your shipping in the USA—our little early holiday gift to you! 🎁

Stitches from the Yuletide Stitches from the Harvest Stitches from the Garden

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