What’s your “Sunday Best” quilt? Bet you’ll find yours here (+ giveaway!)

We all have “Sunday Best” quilts: the special quilts we dream of making someday. Even all-star quilt designers have them. We’re thrilled that two celebrities of the quilting world teamed up with Martingale to share their “Sunday Best” choices in a new book—aptly titled Sunday Best Quilts!

Sunday Best Quilts

Popular Moda fabric designers Sherri McConnell and Corey Yoder reveal the quilts they’ve always wanted to create in their gorgeous new book. Together, they chose six different quilt themes:

Star • Christmas

Scrappy • Pineapple

Red and White • Courthouse Steps

Sherri and Corey challenged one another to design a quilt in each style. The result is a dozen spectacular quilts that you can turn into your “Sunday Best” quilts, along with personality-packed Q&As and commentary from both designers.

From Sunday Best Quilts

We asked Sherri and Corey about the origins of their new book, and a few quilters-wanna-know questions too. Read on for their answers!

ST!: Corey, you’re in Ohio; Sherri, you’re in Nevada. Walk us through the process of writing and designing as a team—how did you do it?

Sherri: We were tossing around ideas and our bucket-list quilts came up. We decided it would be fun to see what the other would do if we approached the book on a thematic basis. We both made lists of quilts we loved and wanted to make and emailed them to each other. From there we took some from both lists and narrowed it down.

The whole project came together so nicely! Sherri and I originally chatted about this idea and the possibility of teaming up to write a book at Quilt Market. We followed up via email shortly after. After we talked to Martingale about our idea, we really didn’t chat as much during the process. Since part of the plan behind our book was not knowing exactly what the other person was working on, this was probably the easiest book ever to write together!

ST!: Which category in the book was your favorite to design for?

Sherri: The pineapple quilt was one I’d been wanting to make for a really long time. In fact, two of the blocks in my quilt were from when I first started playing with the block design several years ago. I had saved the blocks in a drawer and was so excited to be able to use them for my quilt. In fact, the colors in those blocks inspired my whole quilt.

Corey: I really like the way my quilt in the Pineapple category turned out. It was fun coming up with a design that looked like a Pineapple quilt but with simple piecing methods.

Pineapple quilts
Pineapple quilts: Corey’s is on the left, Sherri’s is on the right.

ST!: What do you admire most about your co-author?

Sherri: Corey is super organized, super creative, and yet so down-to-earth. I love how she is able to spend so much time with her family and yet also be able to accomplish so much!

Corey: Sherri can get things done! I don’t know how she does it. Even with a part-time job she still gets more done in her quilting life than anyone I know.

ST!: What’s inspiring you right now?

Sherri: I get a lot of ideas by following favorite home-decor and lifestyle blogs. It seems there is always a way to use the design ideas found in those venues in the quilting world. I’ve also been listening to a lot of time-management podcasts to try to use my time better!

Corey: Colors! I have so many palettes in my head that I want to turn into fabric. We are in the middle of a home remodel and I can imagine so many different things for my new space.

Red-and-white quilts
Red-and-white quilts: Remembrance (left) by Sherri; Linen and Berries (right) by Corey

ST!: What’s on your sewing table right now?

Sherri: I actually don’t have anything on my table right now. I just finished a fun sampler quilt that I dropped off at the quilter the other day (see below). Today I took my machine in for her yearly cleaning because new fabrics are arriving soon and I’ll be sewing my newest designs for Fall Quilt Market. I plan to tackle some works in progress over the next few days, though!

Sherri's sampler blocks
Sherri’s sampler blocks

Corey: Part of our remodel includes a new sewing space for me. I was running out of room and we had a spot we didn’t use that often next to my office. You don’t want to see the state of my sewing table as I am moving things into my new space (or maybe you do!). So instead, I’ll share a photo I shared recently of my new studio starting to take shape.

Corey's sewing space
Corey’s new sewing space

ST!: What does a typical Sunday look like for you?

Sherri: I have always loved Sunday. I try to make it a different, more restful day than any other day of the week. I try not to work or even browse social media on Sundays. I use it to menu plan and go over my calendar for the week and to sew things that are just for fun.

Corey: Sundays are typically very low key for me. After church in the morning, the rest of the day is as lazy as I want it to be. It’s so important for me to have that day of rest so I can attack the rest of the week.

ST!: What’s your #1 tip for beginning quilters?

Sherri: I would say that beginning quilters shouldn’t worry about being beginners. I worried for years that I wasn’t able to put fabrics together as well as other people I saw. But as with everything, good things come from a lot of practice. I have a few quilts hanging in my home from when I was a very new quilter. Even though there are lots of cutoff points and mistakes, those quilts remind me of the journey . . . and I’ve really enjoyed learning every step of the way.

Corey: Be willing to try anything and don’t be intimidated by something because you think you should be. Curves, zippers, appliqué, etc. all become simple once you’ve tried them a time a two.

Courthouse Steps quilts
Courthouse Steps quilts: Nantucket (left) by Sherri; Rainwashed (right) by Corey

Finish these sentences for us!

If I had a three-word stitching mantra, it would be:

Sherri: Sew, enjoy, repeat!

Corey: Never Try, Never Know. (I know it’s four words but they’re ones I use a lot!)

You’ll know a quilt is mine if you see:

Sherri: Low-volume prints, blue prints, or both!

Corey: Grays, whites, and sherbet brights.

Before I begin a project, I must have:

 Sherri: A fairly sharp rotary blade and a clean work surface.

 Corey: A good podcast ready to listen to.

If I’m not quilting, I’m:

Sherri: At the computer working on my blog, reading, or puttering around our home, cleaning and organizing.

Corey: Probably doing computer work: writing patterns, shipping orders, paying bills, answering emails, etc.

If I had a sewing superpower, it would be:

Sherri: Lining up as many things as will fit to chain piece on one project board!

Corey: Super-fast sewing (my Juki definitely helps in this regard!).

Sunday Best QuiltsThanks for answering our questions, ladies!

What’s your favorite “Sunday best” theme?

  • Star
  • Scrappy
  • Red and White
  • Christmas
  • Pineapple
  • Courthouse Steps

Tell us in the comments and you’ll automatically be entered to win a copy of Sunday Best Quilts! We’ll choose a random winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win. Good luck!

Ready to start your “Sunday Best” quilt? Order the book at our website and we’ll send you a link to download the eBook for free.

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