Staff show-and-tell: look what we made!

You may have guessed that we’re a creative bunch here in the office. Of our 34 employees, 26 of us sew and quilt. Pretty great percentage, eh? And that doesn’t even count the knitters or crochet addicts! A typical Monday morning will include show-and-share of someone’s completed weekend project. If we hear any ooohs or aaahs down the hall, we all come running to see the latest fabric or yarn creation.

We’ve decided it’s time we shared some of our passion with you. Here are a few of our latest quilting projects:

Linda AstleMeet Linda, our office receptionist and tour guide who swore she’d never make a quilt. Now that she’s finally started quilting, she can’t seem to stop! Rarely does a Monday go by that she doesn’t bring something new to show us. She loves big, fast, and easy quilts.


Linda's quilt from Strip Savvy
Linda’s quilt from
Strip Savvy

Linda's quilt from Quilting with Precuts and Shortcuts
Linda’s quilt from
Quilting with Precuts and Shortcuts

Dorothy Lisherness Meet Dorothy, our senior account manager, who will be retiring soon. She wanted to make a wedding quilt for her granddaughter Natosha, known in the family as “butterfly girl.” Her grandaughter’s only request? To leave lots of space so her artistic friends could sign the quilt. Dorothy’s solution was to use this pattern from Becoming a Confident Quilter and keep every other row white. She used a photo of the happy couple for the center block and embellished several rows with fabric butterflies. The special day happened a few weeks ago and they were thrilled with their finished quilt from grandma!

Dorothy's quilt from Becoming a Confident Quilter
Dorothy’s quilt from
Becoming a Confident Quilter

Here it is after the wedding, all signed:

Dorothy's quilt signed by guests

Karen JohnsonHere are two of my own completed projects from this year. I love quilt retreats and often look for projects that can be started and finished during one retreat. I began this one with a fat-eighth pack:



Karen's quilt from Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe
My quilt from
Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe

I had so much fabric left over from the collection that I added a different solid for the background and used up the rest of the fabric in this one:

Karen's quilt from Strip Savvy
Karen’s quilt from
Strip Savvy

CathyMeet Cathy, our author liaison, who cranks out embroidery and hand-quilted projects like there is no tomorrow! Cathy got us started on Embroidery Wednesdays, where we gather at lunch in Jennifer’s office and stitch.


Cathy's projects from Patchwork Loves Embroidery
Cathy’s projects from
Patchwork Loves Embroidery

Cathy’s a quilter too! Here is her modified version of a table runner from Set the Table.

Cathy's runner from Set the Table
Cathy’s runner from
Set the Table

Group projects—we make a quilt for every employee on their tenth anniversary. (See more about that tradition here.) But we also jump into action for friends who are in need. Recently we quickly made a soft corduroy quilt for a friend battling breast cancer, to cuddle with during her chemo treatments.

Quilt from Uncommonly Corduroy
Uncommonly Corduroy

Shortly after that, a small town very near our office experienced a devastating mudslide. This large quilt was pieced and quilted by our staff members within a few short weeks.

Oso quilt
“Oso” quilt from
Another Bite of Schnibbles

We added the binding while being filmed for the local news.

Binding the Oso quilt

The quilt was auctioned off with proceeds benefiting the landslide victims.

We’re fortunate to work at a company filled with like-minded makers. We share our love of all things fiber every day and are richly rewarded when we work on projects together. And to think we are surrounded by the very books that feed that passion!

What projects have you finished lately? Tell us about them in the comments and upload photos of projects you’re working on every Friday on our Facebook page—look for our “Show-and-Sew Friday” posts!

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