Stack-and-whack patterns on “deck” – 4 ways (+ sale)

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Who doesn’t love stack-and-whack-style quilts? Time flies by as you follow the steps:

  • Stack your fabrics.
  • Rotary cut your fabrics, stack by stack.
  • Shuffle the order of the cut fabrics.
  • Sew back together for unexpected surprises!

From-Stack-a-New-DeckKarla Alexander has built a beautiful quilting career on her unique stack-and-whack approach—you know her method as Stack the Deck. With Karla’s easy sequence of steps, even a beginner can turn out complex-looking quilts without resorting to difficult techniques. With each new book she’s written, Karla’s come back with a different twist on the concept. But one thing remains the same: there’s always a perfect balance of carefree cutting and simple sewing. And it’s always a blast!

If you’ve tried a Stack the Deck quilt, you know the process is fast and fun. If you haven’t tried Karla’s method yet, you’re in for a treat. This week only, you can save 40% on four of her popular Stack the Deck eBooks. Download your favorite and start stacking your fabric deck just minutes from now.

Start with the basic technique: Stack the Deck!

Learn to stack, slice, shuffle, and sew blocks, borders, and backgrounds reminiscent of crazy-pieced blocks. We love the quilt below; the block backgrounds are pieced using the Stack the Deck method and the wonky hearts are fused. Great project for beginners!

Detail of Crazy Hearts from
Stack the Deck!

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Stack and whack with a twist: Stack a New Deck

Take Stack the Deck quilts to new heights with simplified curves, diamonds, and other classic patchwork shapes—but sidestep all the traditional rules. Each pattern starts with simple squares.

Detail of Funky Curvy Rail quilt from
Stack a New Deck

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Mix straight seams, curves, and funky-cut angles: New Cuts for New Quilts

Expect the unexpected when you play with different slicing techniques in Stack the Deck quilts. In the introduction, Karla says, “These quilts may reflect my mood for the day with quiet and straight cuts or wild and whacky ones.” What kind of quilting mood are you in?

Detail of The Spin from
New Cuts for New Quilts. Look for fun large-scale prints to use in the centers of these spinning blocks.

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Controlling a rainbow of colors: Color Shuffle

When it comes to choosing fabrics, the more the merrier is what Color Shuffle is all about. With detailed tips on fabric selection from Karla herself, you’ll discover how to shuffle your fabric decks in a way that pleases your eye—and uses up your stash.

Detail of Window Box from
Color Shuffle

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Have you sewn a Stack the Deck quilt—or have we inspired you to try? Tell us in the comments!





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  • I have done a "Stack’n’Whack" and a "Stacked Posies", which are all variations, I think. But the pictures in "Stack the Deck" are gorgeous! I’d love to make them all! I need to sort my stash and get sewing! Thanks for the eye-candy!

    —janG on June 20, 2016
  • I have the first book but I have never tried a quilt using stack and whack the deck.

    —beth daniels on June 20, 2016
  • This looks like a good starting point for cakewalk or angelfish quilt!

    —Lynne on June 20, 2016
  • I fell in Love with her very first book, Stack the Deck. Made several guilts then a friend saw one and wanted to borrow my book. Over a period of time she borrowed my book several more times. So when she moved out of state, I bought a copy as a going away present. She was so happy to finally have her own copy. I have no idea how many Stack the Deck quilts she made. She has sense passed, but I never see a Stack the Deck Quilt Book that I don’t think of my friend, Elsie and smile at the fond memories of all my time with her and learning about how to quilt.

    Thank you Karla Alexander for sharing your wonderful and crazy quilting techniques.

    Pat Hogan, Seattle

    Pat Hogan on June 20, 2016
  • I have done a stack and whack, a deck stack similar to Karla’s technique and a Magic Tiles quilt. I have all of Karla’s books except the last one!
    Quilty Huggs!

    —Jacqueline VH on June 24, 2016
  • I made a small wall size one.

    —Linda Christianson on June 24, 2016
  • I’ve never made any of the stack the deck blocks. They are so beautiful!

    —Sheila on June 25, 2016

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