🎶 Sleigh bells ring . . . are you quilting? 🎶 (winter sampler + giveaway!)

Welcome back to Christmas Is Coming Week at Stitch This!

Today we’ve got a special treat for you: a holiday quilt from Jan Patek. You’ll love celebrating the season with her sampler quilt, chock-full of winter’s charms! ⛄ 🦌 🎄 ❄

Sleigh Bells

We’re thrilled to have beloved quilt designer Jan Patek as a member of the Martingale family!

In Jan’s new book, Sleigh Bells, you’ll stitch a dozen cute quilt-block designs featuring whimsical snowmen, quaint cottages, towering trees, wonky stars, and folk-art angels, plus kids bundled up for wintertime fun. It’s a sampler quilt that’s bursting with all the joys that winter brings each year.

Sleigh Bells quilt
Jan’s Sleigh Bells sampler quilt

Looking forward to some cold-weather cozying? At queen size, this comfy quilt can be showcased anywhere and cuddled under anytime you need to warm up. Plus, now is the perfect time to start a quilt for winter—stitch just one of these adorable blocks each week and your quilt top will be ready when the season arrives! For quick coordinating projects, turn single blocks into pillows, wall quilts, table toppers, and more. Full-size appliqué patterns are included for all the motifs.

Sleigh Bells quilt detail Sleigh Bells quilt detail
A closer look at
Sleigh Bells

Jan is here at Stitch This! as a guest writer today to tell us more about the inspiration behind Sleigh Bells—welcome, Jan!

Jan PatekMy quilts are always about my life. I don’t do it on purpose, it’s just what happens, and Sleigh Bells embodies all of my favorite things about winter. I really love winter—as long as it doesn’t get carried away with itself.

You can’t paint the barn—it’s too cold outside.

You can’t work in the garden—it’s too cold outside.

You can build a snowman with your children or grandchildren and sit and stitch while your husband and the kids bake cookies and make hot chocolate.

Snowman quilt block

Things slow down a little—more time to contemplate God and listen. Since we don’t have all the city lights out in the country where I live, the night sky is amazing. On a cold, clear night you can almost feel the angels hovering. The stars and moons in my quilts always represent God—the celestial.

Angel quilt blocks

Living in the country, it’s easier to be in touch with nature since it’s all around us. I have bird feeders outside my kitchen window, one of which is a long bench.  In the winter at dusk, deer come and feed with the wild birds. Quite often in the spring they come too, bringing their fawns with them.

Deer quilt block

Best of all, at the end of the day, after animals are fed and watered, chores are done, and chickens are safely put up in their houses—nature is not always friendly—you can sit and quilt with your family.

Sleigh Bells sampler quilt

I hope you enjoy working on this quilt as much as I did. I invite you to make it your own.

Sleigh BellsThanks for filling our sewing sleighs with inspiration today, Jan!

It wouldn’t be a new-book celebration here at Stitch This! without a giveaway! For your chance to win your very own copy of Sleigh Bells, tell us in the comments:

What do you love most about winter: snowy landscapes, only-in-winter activities . . . the excuse to stay home and sew?

We’ll choose a random winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win. Good luck! And if you’re ready to start your own Sleigh Bells quilt today, you can order the book at our website and instantly download the eBook for free.

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Thanks to all who entered the drawing. The winner is Kathy, who says:

“I love winter with all of the winter birds, the beautiful landscape and being able to sit and quilt, stitch and sew. It is the best time of the year! Hot Chocolate, cranberry scones and good friends and plenty of laughter while stitching.”

We’ll email you about your prize, Kathy—congratulations!


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