"Simple Whatnots III" Mystery Stitch Along: Installment #8

Installment #8 is live on the "Simple Whatnots III" Mystery Stitch Along page!

Woo hoo! Installment #8 of the "Simple Whatnots III" Mystery Stitch Along is ready for you! Visit this page to download the instructions for the Snowball Variation Blocks prepared by "Simple Whatnots III" author, Kim Diehl.

Make sure to share photos of your project using the #SimpleWhanotsIIIMysteryStitchAlong hashtag on Instagram and Facebook! And follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see a photo Kim’s finished quilt. Kim will be sharing the photo in a wrap-up post on her Instagram page, too!


Thank you for following and participating in the "Simple Whatnots III" Mystery Stitch Along. Looking for more Sew Along fun? Visit and bookmark our Sew Alongs page. We’re always updating the page to include quilt alongs, video announcements, and other exciting online happenings. Happy stitching!

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