"Simple Whatnots III" Mystery Stitch Along: Installment #6 + $5 Off Puzzles at ShopMartingale.com

Installment #6 is live on the "Simple Whatnots III" Mystery Stitch Along page!

Happy Friday! Let’s celebrate the end of the week with a new set of instructions for the "Simple Whatnots III" Mystery Stitch Along! Installment #6 is live and ready for you! Visit the "Simple Whatnots III" Mystery Stitch Along page to download the instructions prepared by "Simple Whatnots III" author, Kim Diehl. We’ll be adding checkerboard strips to the quilt center in Installment #6.

Make sure to share photos using the #SimpleWhanotsIIIMysteryStitchAlong hashtag on Instagram and Facebook!


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Happy stitching!

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