7 quick projects for Valentine’s Day

Looking for quick projects for Valentine’s Day? The most lovey-dovey day of the year is almost here—and it’s such a fun holiday to celebrate. There’s no better excuse to shower your loved ones with…love!

Today we’re sharing projects for Valentine’s Day that truly come from the heart—designed exclusively for you by the folks at Martingale. Always at your creative service.

Sewing and crafts for Valentine's Day

Interestingly enough, the legend of Valentine’s Day doesn’t begin with a love story, but rather with an attempt to right an injustice. The holiday is thought to have its origins in Rome. When an emperor outlawed marriages for young men (because he decided they’d make better soldiers without wives and children), a priest named Valentine began marrying young lovers in secret. After Valentine’s defiance was discovered, the Emperor ordered his death. The tale of Valentine’s demise isn’t romantic—but his story of bravery in the name of love certainly is.

How to make a valentine giftHow we express our love may not be so dramatic these days, but we still want the valentines we give to be personal and special. In 2012, seven of our staffers got together for a little love challenge: to make super-simple crafts for Valentine’s Day. Today we’re sharing the results of our challenge, with project how-tos compiled into a FREE downloadable eBooklet. It’s our own little valentine to you. Hugs!

Whether it’s a spouse, child, friend, coworker, teacher, or someone new you’d like to send your love to (with only 10 days left to do it!), we hope you’ll be inspired by these seven quick projects for Valentine’s Day. Take a closer look at each project below.

valentine project 1--cornelia This fun little heart project was designed by Cornelia, one truly creative customer-service rep. Make these quick-and-easy handmade valentines for all the sweethearts in your life: stitch ’em up as pincushions, door or rear-view mirror decorations, or pins for jackets and backpacks.

Download Cornelia’s valentine sewing project.

Here’s a simple idea especially for machine quilters. This project is all about artist trading cards (ATCs)—those wonderful little quilted postcards to make and send (or keep!). Check out a clever "caffeine stitch" technique courtesy of Karen J., our director of marketing.

Download Karen’s quilt-heart postcard project.

valentine project 2--Karen J
valentine project 3--Mary Marketing coordinator Mary Burns shows how to turn buttons and bits of wool into a whimsical pillow for a special valentine. Her project was inspired by a technique featured in the June/July 2010 issue of Quilting Arts magazine. Grab your scraps of wool, your button jar, and your stash of pearl cotton. Let’s get sewing!

Download Mary’s valentine pillow project.

Acquisitions editor Karen B. found a way to send a sweet greeting to her valentine using a fabric that features one of her favorite themes—chickens! (She owns five of them). Choose your favorite theme fabric; then challenge yourself to invent a valentine message that incorporates the theme.

Download Karen’s wool-felt valentine cards project.

valentine project 4--Karen B
valentine project 5--Jenny I created this simple wristlet with a scrap of denim and a scrap of fuzzy Minkee. If you have button-sewing, hand-appliquéing, and scissor-wielding skills, you can whip this up in less than an hour. Make a stack of ’em for all your BFFs to wear in solidarity on Valentine’s Day!

Download Jenny’s heart wristlet pattern.

Marketing graphic designer Sarah shares how to create a sweet batch of last-minute handmade valentines. All you need is a bag of Hershey’s Kisses, a sheet of stickers, and a bunch of markers. It’s so easy, you can invite the kids to join in the fun!

Download Sarah’s super-quick kisses valentine project.

valentine project 6--Sarah
valentine project 7--Ursula Recently retired technical editor Ursula (we miss you, Ursula!) and her friend Ruth share two simple patterns for knitting or crocheting adorable felted hearts. Embellish them and turn them into pins, shawl closures, key fobs, hair clips—whatever fits your valentine’s style!

Download Ursula and Ruth’s felted hearts project.

Remember, you can download the how-to for all of these Valentine’s Day crafts in our FREE downloadable eBooklet.

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Share your favorite traditions in the comments!

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  • very sweet ideas. Thanks! Happy Sewing!

    Janie Holbrook on February 5, 2013
  • In the early beginnings of our marriage, my husband and I swapped cards and took each other on surprise dates. We might go out to dinner, to a movie, give each other a box of candy, or I’d get a bouquet of flowers and he’d get a small gift from me. As the years rolled by, our love for each other grew stronger with each passing day and "props" were no longer needed. We’re both cancer and heart related illness survivors and we often lay in bed, holding hands, talking, making out, and reminiscing of our early years. We laugh, worship God, and sometimes, we cry a lot together, but still, for us, every day is Valentine’s Day.

    Keep smiling,

    Lynnita Shipman on February 6, 2013

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