Ready to roll? See 14 joyful Jelly Roll quilts from the Moda All-Stars (+ giveaway!)

With seven best-selling books to date, the Moda All-Stars are on a roll!

Moda All-Stars: On a Roll

The famed designers are back with sparkling projects for irresistible Jelly Rolls, those coordinating 2½" strips of fabric that slash cutting time and speed up sewing time.

From Moda All-Stars: On a Roll

Let the good times roll with 14 quilt patterns created by favorite Moda designers, including Lisa Bongean, Betsy Chutchian, Joanna Figueroa, Sandy Klop, and Anne Sutton. From simple and classic to fresh and contemporary, you’ll find a beautiful quilt that will inspire you to get the ball rolling!

School on WheelsDid you know? For all books in the “Moda All-Stars” series, the designers and team from Moda have donated their royalties to different charities. Royalties from the sale of Moda All-Stars: On a Roll will be donated to School on Wheels, a nonprofit organization that provides academic tutoring to children living in shelters, motels, cars, group foster homes, and on the streets in Southern California. Their goal is to help children achieve educational success so that they can break the cycle of homelessness and poverty.

So, what’s the VERY FIRST THING the Moda All-Stars do when they’re ready to make a quilt with a Jelly Roll? We asked them!

Sandy Klop jumps right in and starts sewing—she loves that there’s no need to press or cut.

Lynne Hagmeier lays out all the strips to see the ratio of lights and darks and the mix of print sizes.

Sherri McConnell unrolls the strips and separates them by color.

Lisa Bongean unbundles and spray-starches each strip. (Curious why? More on that in this post!)

What's the Commotion quilt
What’s the Commotion by Lisa Bongean

Barbara Groves and Mary Jacobson of Me and My Sister Designs put on their pajama pants plus comfy, well-worn shirts and make sure to have Starbucks tea and a bag of chocolate-covered peanuts at the ready!

Karla Eisenach cuts and pairs Jelly Roll pieces that coordinate before she starts sewing, so that she’s not left with all the same prints for the last few blocks or units.

Brigitte Heitland picks randomly from her Jelly Roll strips, adjusting fabric combinations as she goes.

Corey Yoder mixes her approach: some quilts are totally unplanned and scrappy, others are pieced with a little bit of a plan.

Apricot Jelly quilt
Apricot Jelly by Corey Yoder

Stacy Iest Hsu unrolls and sorts by color to see what she has to work with.

Linzee McCray is a fan of random—she love mixing up her strips!

Janet Clare unrolls and admires all the strips, leaves them in a muddle, and goes from there.

Anne Sutton begins by sorting all the strips by color.

Rule the Roost quilt
Rule the Roost by Anne Sutton

Joanna Figueroa prefers to pet them rolled up—but if she has to unroll, she starts by arranging the strips into pairs.

Betsy Chutchian uses a lint roller or packing tape to remove the fuzzy fluff from the edges; then she unrolls and presses each strip after spraying with starch.

Mountain Climbing quilt
Mountain Climbing by Betsy Chutchian

Now that you know a few All-Star secrets for starting a Jelly Roll quilt, you’re all set to sew—but you’ll need Moda All-Stars: On a Roll AND a Jelly Roll first! Our pals at Moda Fabrics have got three of you covered: they sent us three sweet Jelly Rolls to give to three lucky winners today!

One winner will receive the Roses & Chocolate Jelly Roll by Moda (top); one winner will snag the Circulus Jelly Roll designed by Jen Kingwell (center); and one winner will get the Woof Woof Jelly Roll designed by Stacy Iest Hsu—and all three winners will receive a copy of Moda All-Stars: On a Roll, of course!

To enter the drawing, tell us in the comments:

Moda All-Stars: On a RollWhat’s your favorite type of Jelly Roll?

  • One strip of everything, please!
  • Some repeats, so I have variety but fewer prints.
  • I love the single-color rolls—those I can work with!

We’ll choose three random winners one week from today and let you know by email if you win. Good luck! And if you’re ready to roll with the All-Stars right now, you can purchase Moda All-Stars: On a Roll at our website and instantly download the eBook for free.

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Thanks to all who entered the drawing! The winners are:

Darlene, who says, “I enjoy a roll with lots of color! Such a cute book!”

Brenda, who says, “I love a strip of everything, but don’t mind getting doubles of a few, especially any solids or ‘read as solids’ that are included in the collection!”

Kim, who says, “Oooo! A new Moda book. Can’t wait to get started. On all the new projects. YUMMY!”

We’ll email you about your prizes, ladies—congratulations!


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