Quilts don’t match your home? Try a Zen Chic approach (+ fabric giveaway!)

From Zen Chic InspiredDo you have a stack of quilts stashed away because they just don’t “go” with anything in your living spaces? (Hands raised here.)

There’s nothing more disappointing than creating a quilt you like and then realizing it doesn’t quite look right anywhere your home.

But wait, put those tissues away: Germany-based quilter, Moda fabric designer, and interior designer Brigitte Heitland has a new book that teaches you how to make quilts that will always be a perfect match for YOUR home: Zen Chic Inspired!

Zen Chic Inspired

If you yearn to make quilts that pair perfectly with your decorating style—and who doesn’t?—Zen Chic Inspired is a resource you’ll turn to again and again. Classic or country, modern or eclectic, Brigitte guides you toward creating one-of-a-kind quilts inspired by the colors and elements in your home. No difficult design concepts here—Brigitte’s approach is innovative, fun, and easy to start using right away. Don’t start another quilt for your home (or somebody else’s home) until you learn Brigitte’s techniques for making a perfect match!

Shaking Up quilt
Shaking Up quilt, inspired by a yellow room

You’ll love Brigitte’s practical advice for dreaming up quilts that tell your story. And the styled room shots that inspired the 12 quilt patterns inside? Gorgeous—and a wonderful way to inspire your decorating too!

Black-and-White quilt
Black and White quilt, inspired by a collection of dishes

We’re excited to have Brigitte as a guest writer at Stitch This! today—don’t miss the story she shares about helping transform her sister’s pillowcase from a project without a place to call home into a project ready for center stage.


FABRIC GIVEAWAY! Our friends at Moda Fabrics gave us a bundle of Brigitte’s new fabric line, True Blue, to give away to you!

Moda fabric giveaway - True Blue by Brigitte Heitland

Learn how you can win this beautiful, bluesy bundle plus a copy of Zen Chic Inspired at the end of this post.

Brigitte HeitlandI was excited because my sister was visiting from the United States. We hadn’t seen each other for some time, and there was a lot of catching up to do. She couldn’t wait to browse my fabric and see all of my creations. One of my fabric designs was based on newsprint, which she found especially intriguing.

“Oh, I love that one!” she exclaimed. “I’m going to make a pillowcase from it!”

That’s when I decided to slow her down a bit.

“What kind of pillowcase, and for what room?” I asked. It turned out that she hadn’t really thought that far.

It’s a common scenario I often observe in quilt stores around the world. In fact, I remember having such reactions myself during my early days of quilting. We see a fabric, we fall in love with it, we buy it and we bring it home, and perhaps we even make a quilt, a pillowcase, or something else. And then at the end of our labor we proudly display our work, only to realize that we don’t experience the satisfaction that comes with a harmonious look.

Pixelate for a color scheme
Idea from
Zen Chic Inspired: turn a pixelated image of your space into a color palette.

I explained to my sister something that I’ve learned along the way: sometimes it’s better to start the process backwards. Begin with that favorite Japanese lamp which is the focal point of your guest room, or the abstract painting in your studio. Have a look around a room and survey your favorite things. Now, with these items in mind, look again at the fabric you were going to purchase. Is it still a go?

From Zen Chic Inspired
Idea from
Zen Chic Inspired: transform the shapes or motifs in a room (such as a lamp, a cushion, or even a coffee cup) into a foundation for a show-stopping quilt.

This approach to quilting, which includes some easy-to-understand principles of interior design, is just one of the many pleasures that await you in Zen Chic Inspired. I can’t wait to share with you what I shared with my sister, because it won’t only help you select a great project; it will help you select a project that will give you so much more than just another quilt.

Example from Zen Chic Inspired
Example from
Zen Chic Inspired: the fabrics in the top photo aren’t harmonious with the surroundings; in the bottom photo, the fabrics coordinate well with the elements in the room.

Zen Chic Inspired features 12 one-of-a-kind designs for quilts of all sizes and styles, from little table runners to bed-sized quilts. It includes examples of beautiful rooms that illustrate what I mean by selecting a project with your space in mind. The projects cover all skill levels, from beginner to advanced. In fact, advanced quilters might be pleasantly surprised by a few clever new tricks I’ve developed and can’t wait to share with you. (Have you ever tried inserting crossed strips at unusual angles? I figured out a technique that makes it easier than you think.)

On the Ball quilt
Strips at unusual angles: Brigitte’s On the Ball quilt, inspired by the legs of a rocking chair.

If you’re a passionate quilter, chances are you already have a collection of quilt books. But if you’re like me, you value high-end fabrics and want to make the best use of the time you invest in quilting. It makes sense to think a project through from beginning to end before you start. Once my sister did that, she realized that she would be better off using a different fabric. And the one she picked in the end was perfect. Through Zen Chic Inspired, I hope I get to be your little sister for a day, or for the duration of your project, or maybe even for your quilting life.

Inside Zen Chic Inspired

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Zen Chic InspiredBrigitte, thank you for sharing your story with us—you gave your sister a whole new perspective on quiltmaking!

How do you typically start a new quilt project?

 a) I’m in tune with Zen Chic Inspired—before I begin a project, I like to gather inspiration from the space I want a quilt to live in.

b) Sometimes I finish a project before I know where I’m going to use it, and it gets stashed away because it doesn’t quite fit in anywhere.

c) I have a closetful of quilts that don’t have a home in my home!

Share your answer in the comments and you could win Brigitte’s new True Blue bundle from Moda Fabrics plus a copy of Zen Chic Inspired! We’ll choose a random winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win. Good luck!

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Thanks to all who entered the drawing! The winner is Shan, who says:

“Definitely b). I make quilts because I like the pattern/fabric then I have no idea what to do with them. I usually end up giving them away.”

We’ll email you about your prize, Shan—congratulations!








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