Quilting quotes: there are no rules (+ free printable)

Quilting rules: yay or nay?

Author, blogger, and all-around creative quiltmaker Dana Bolyard has an opinion on the subject:

Imagine Quilts quilting quote

Just reading Dana’s words, I feel fired up to try something new. Don’t you?

Adhering to certain quilting rules can be helpful, of course. An accurate ¼" seam often comes in handy. Having a trick up your sleeve for matching points can be a sanity saver. And having a pat binding technique is a satisfying swirl of icing on any quilted cake.

But we understand the rules Dana is talking about: those creative ones. The kind of rules that can cloud your imagination. With a peek into her design process, Dana gives you the tools you need to clear the creative air and envision quilts that are distinctly you. In Imagine Quilts, Dana will help you:
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Find inspiration in the ordinary

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Ampersand quilt
“Ampersand” from
Imagine Quilts

For “Ampersand,” Dana became inspired by something that had been right in front of her for years. All she had to do was look down. And allow herself to dream.
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Let your stash lead the way
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Elephant Parade quilt
“Elephant Parade”
from Imagine Quilts

Dana didn’t even see this quilt coming! While sorting her stash one day, she realized she had an abundance of gray fabrics. As the stack of grays grew, she was struck by the thought of elephants. And “Elephant Parade” was born.spacer 10px deep

Scribble on your quilt (no, really!)
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Scribble quilt
“Scribble” from
Imagine Quilts

Dana dared to scribble. Now that’s one FUN idea for free-motion quilting.

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In Imagine Quilts you’ll discover even more ideas for developing your creative side. For example, these photos are inspiring Dana’s quilts-to-be:

Inspiration from Imagine Quilts

What’s inspired you lately?

You can DOWNLOAD AND PRINT a 5″ x 7″ image of Dana’s quote for your personal use (encouragement for your sewing space?). You can also COPY AND PASTE today’s quilting quote to Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram.

It’s hip to be square over at Instagram, so here’s a square version for you to use:

Imagine Quilts quilting quote for Instagram

Quilting rules: obey, bend, or break? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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