Quilt tutorials week, day 4: how to finish a quilt

Welcome to our final day of QUILT TUTORIALS WEEK!

We’ve organized some of our most popular quilting tutorials from the past year into a week of posts that you can refer to again and again. Bookmark them, pin them, however you save them—but keep these posts handy for the times when you need them!

Today’s quilt-tutorial roundup: how to finish a quilt

How to make a quilt sandwich
Trick for straight quilt edges
How to: simple quilt borders
8 ways to mark a quilt
How to quilt by hand
How to finish quilt binding
Make a quilt sleeve quick

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Quilt labels: every time, sometimes, or “I need to start remembering that step!”? Share your answer in the comments!

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Knitters and crocheters: Stop by tomorrow for a special roundup of tutorials just for you!

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