Quilt tutorials week, day 1: easy quilting

Welcome to day one of QUILT TUTORIALS WEEK!

We’ve organized some of our most popular quilting tutorials from the past year into a week of posts that you can refer to again and again. Bookmark them, pin them, however you save them—but keep these posts handy for the times when you need them!

Today’s quilt-tutorial roundup: easy-does-it quilts

Commence saving, sharing, pinning…and quilting!

The easiest quilt pattern ever
12 super-simple quilt blocks
Quilts with squares and rectangles only
3 cool quilting shortcuts
Ideas for large-block quilts
Cheat sheets for bed-quilt sizes

The Casual QuilterLooking for a stash of easy quilting patterns that you can use again and again? Try the trouble-free quilts in The Casual Quilter by Robin Strobel. No need to stress about perfect points or stick-straight seams in these classics—the patterns are simple, the piecing is quick, and the results are rewarding.

See projects from The Casual Quilter; get the eBook for only $9.99 through June 22.

Got a quilting question? Make a tutorial request in the comments—our aim is to answer every quiltmaking query you can come up with!

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