"Quilt Recipes" This Way Not That Quilt Along: Week 4 + "Pat Sloan’s Holiday Hoopla" book by Pat Sloan

Hooray for Week 4 of the "Quilt Recipes" This Way Not That Quilt Along!

We’re heading into the fourth week of the This Way Not That Quilt Along. Woo hoo! We’ll be sewing and trimming block corners this week. Refer to pages 28 through 32 of "Quilt Recipes" for specific instructions.

Martingale staffer Lisa shares her progress this week. She sewed the small dark and light squares and shares her tips below.

Lisa’s Learnings:

• I used a leader or starter fabric on this step to help ease piecing. The rectangular leader (orange) strip near my sewing machine helped keep the fabric point from getting sucked under the needle.

• I prefer to use a quarter-inch foot that has a built-in quarter-inch guide, but since I was sewing pieces that I would trim later, I used a standard presser foot.

• I laid out 5 feature-fabric squares on my sewing table, then placed a small light square on one corner. That way I could chain-piece and slide each square under the needle when I was ready to sew (as opposed to placing the light squares individually as I sewed).

• After I finished a chain of five squares, I brought the stitched fabrics to my ironing board and snipped each thread chain.

• I used an Add-A-Quarter ruler to trim the corners. I placed the ridge on the stitched line and trimmed the corners. Any ruler with quarter inch marks will work for this step.

• I kept my trimmed corners in a small box. I already have plans to used them another project!


August 2022 releases

We have 5 fantastic new books to share with you in August! We’ll feature one book this week and showcase the rest of the new releases throughout the month. This week’s we’re highlighting "Pat Sloan’s Holiday Hoopla" by Pat Sloan.

L V (Verified Purchase)
5.0 out of 5 stars
Another great book by a great author

Reviewed in the United States on August 18, 2022

From the back cover of "Pat Sloan’s Holiday Hoopla":

Make Every Day a Celebration!

You don’t have to look far on the calendar to find days filled with fun and cheer. Why not merge your love of quilting with some festive flair to make quilts that celebrate seasons and special occasions? The 12 patchwork patterns inside commemorate some special days, but their style is strong enough to last a season or more! (Pat even tossed in a dash of fusible appliqué for good measure.)

Pick a favorite or two to highlight the days or events you love best. Or make them all and turn your home into a year-round showcase of your talents. Designer Pat Sloan brings her fun, friendly, you-can-do-it attitude to every project. Celebrate every day the quilter’s way!

Happy stitching!

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