"Quilt Recipes" This Way Not That Quilt Along: Week 3 + "Barn Star Sampler" book by Shelley Cavanna

Hooray for Week 3 of the "Quilt Recipes" This Way Not That Quilt Along!

Let’s get to it! This week we’ll be marking a diagonal line on the wrong side of all of the small squares. Refer to p. 28 of "Quilt Recipes" by Jen Kingwell for specific instructions on this step for the This Way Not That quilt.

Martingale staffer Lisa shares her progress this week. She marked lines on her small light and dark squares and shares her tips below.

Lisa’s Learnings:

Although drawing diagonal lines on fabric might not be the most fun step in the process of making this quilt, I wanted to find ways to make it interesting! I flipped my rotary cutting mat so the back side faced up, grabbed a Frixion pen and a small ruler, and tried to figure out the most efficient way to mark my lines.

• I placed 5 small squares on my mat, and I nested them so I could slide my ruler from square to square (instead of lifting and positioning the ruler for each square).

• I had the best results when I held my pen straight up, as opposed to holding it at an angle like I would for writing. TIP: If you find that your pen is pulling on the fabric, you could use a sandpaper board instead of a rotary mat.

• Then, I made my way around my cutting mat and drew a line on each of 5 squares and set them aside.

• I combined the stacks when I hit 10 squares and set the marked squares just above my mat so I could see my progress.

• After I finished drawing all the lines, I used a paper towel to wipe the pen marks off my ruler so I wouldn’t smear ink on my fabric the next time I use the ruler.

I like listening to music when I quilt (well anytime, really), so I turned on some of my favorite tunes while I drew lines. Do you multitask when you quilt or prep your projects? If podcasts are your jam, check out the A Quilting Life podcast hosted by Martingale authors and designers for Moda Fabrics, Sherri McConnell and Chelsi Stratton. I know many quilters play their favorite movie or TV series while they’re working. What are your tips for keeping entertained–yet still focused–while working on your projects? Share your faves in the comments!

OK, now fire up and get drawing lines this week so we can dive into sewing next week!

Remember to share photos of your project on Facebook and Instagram and make sure to tag us using @martingaletpp and include these hashtags #shopmartingale #quiltrecipes #quiltrecipesqal #thiswaynotthatquilt so we can see your progress on This Way Not That!

August 2022 releases

We have 5 fantastic new books to share with you in August! We’ll feature one book this week and highlight the rest of the new releases throughout the month. This week’s star is "Barn Star Sampler" by Shelley Cavanna of Cora’s Quilts. This book currently holds the #1 best-seller rating in the Quilts & Quilting category on Amazon.com! Woo hoo!

^^Click on the cover to watch a quick video of the spectacular starry sampler and companion quilts that are featured in "Barn Star Sampler".

From the back cover of "Barn Star Sampler":

A Blockbuster Sampler and Sparkling Projects

Inspired by painted and wood quilt blocks that adorn barns, author Shelley Cavanna shares 20 blocks and 7 quilt designs that are destined to pass the test of time. The Barn Star Sampler quilt, quite possibly the star of the show, incorporates 20 different block designs spanning 4″ to 24″ in a fresh and modern sampler-quilt layout. Combine patchwork blocks to create a table runner, a wall quilt, a lap quilt, and full-size bed-quilt designs. With so many block sizes, star variations, and layouts, the sky’s the limit!

Carpenter Star
Christmas Star
Diamond Star
Farmer’s Star
Friendship Star
Moroccan Star
Mosaic Star
Northern Star
Ohio Star
Peony Star
Pinwheel Star
Ribbon Star
Sawtooth Star
Tulip Star
Weathervane Star
Windmill Star

Inside scoop: there will be quilt alongs and other fun activities that’ll coincide with this book! Purchase your copy of "Barn Star Sampler" from the author, Shelley Cavanna, your favorite quilt shop, ShopMartingale.com, or anywhere you buy quilting books.

Happy stitching!

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