"Quilt Recipes" This Way Not That Quilt Along: Week 2 + "Precut Parade" book by Jessica Dayon

Cheers to Week 2 of the "Quilt Recipes" This Way Not That Quilt Along!

Did you purchase your copy of "Quilt Recipes" by Jen Kingwell yet? What fabrics did you select for your version of This Way Not That? Tell us about your fabrics in the comments, or even better–share photos of your fabrics Facebook and Instagram and make sure you tag us using @martingaletpp and include these hashtags #shopmartingale #quiltrecipes #quiltrecipesqal #thiswaynotthatquilt so we can see your color choices!

This week’s step is easy! We’ll be cutting fabrics for This Way Not That. You’ll notice these pattern instructions don’t call for templates, just a bunch of squares and a few rectangles. Refer to p. 25 of "Quilt Recipes" for yardage requirements and cutting instructions.

Martingale staffer Lisa shares her progress this week. She pressed and cut her fabrics, and she’s sharing a few pics and tips that might help you with your cutting.

Lisa’s Learnings:

^^I used fat quarter pieces for my feature fabrics. The fat quarters were folded with the raw edges in the middle of the fold. I unfolded each fat quarter and matched the long raw edges together, so I could press, stack, square up, and cut multiple pieces. I layered three fat quarters–each was folded in half, so I cut six squares at a time. Layering saved me time and worked well for my small cutting mat. Pro tip: make sure your rotary blade is sharp. I started this project with a new rotary blade.

If you’re a fan of fat quarters, be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post to learn more about our newest precut-based book!

^^Stripes. I love them, and I want to give myself the best chance at success when I use them. Since I was re-folding the fabrics, I made sure to line up the stripes at the raw edges before I pressed and squared them. If you cut stripes without the stripes aligned, they’ll be wonky when you sew them. It might not bother some people, but I wanted to at least start with straight stripes. The second pic is my pretty pile of trimmings. It’s a preview of all the happy colors in my quilt-to-be.

^^I layered again! Per the instructions on p. 25 of "Quilt Recipes", I used yardage for my dark and light corner fabrics. (I sliced through eight layers when I cut these fabrics.) Time is valuable! For the size of squares needed, I could cut four columns (across the width) by three rows (high) of squares on my small cutting board. I squared up the right-side edge and the bottom edge, then cut the width first so I didn’t have to wrestle with the yardage. You can see in the first picture that I had an extra row of fabric folded over at the top. These pieces were longer than I needed when I unfolded them, so I took each stack to my ironing board, pressed them, and then brought them back to my mat to trim to the correct size. I cut the light corner fabric using the same method. Then I piled and photographed my trimmings again because they’re pretty, plus looking at the pile gives me a sense of accomplishment!

^^One last photo of all the cut pieces for my This Way Not That quilt. Yay!! I’m looking forward to stitching next week! Will you join me? It’s not too late to start this quilt along! Again, here’s a reminder to tag us in your Instagram and Facebook photos using @martingaletpp and include these hashtags #shopmartingale #quiltrecipes #quiltrecipesqal #thiswaynotthatquilt !

Want to know more about "Quilt Recipes" author, Jen Kingwell? Check out the Q&A video below. Watch and listen as Jen shares her:

• childhood, crafting influences, and first career.

• first quilt project, and hanging out at a quilt shop.

• path to publishing patterns and books.

• vision for "Quilt Recipes".

• go-to recipe for special family events.

August 2022 releases

We have 5 fantastic new books to share with you in August! We’ll feature one book this week and highlight the rest of the new releases throughout the month. This week’s featured book is…drum roll, please…."Precut Parade" by Jessica Dayon. The book features nine projects in total, three using precut 2½" strips (Jelly Rolls), a trio of quilts made from 10″ squares (Layer Cakes), and another three fat quarter-based projects. Tempted to dive into your precuts (or visit your favorite local quilt shop and buy more)? Check out this quick video that shows all nine projects–and their finished sizes–from "Precut Parade".

^^Click on the cover above to watch the 52-second video.

From the back cover of "Precut Parade":

Show Off Your Love of Precuts with a Parade of Projects!

One of the many benefits of precut bundles is that you get at least one of every print from an entire fabric collection. Bundles take the guesswork out of selecting fabrics for your next project. Sure, they look pretty sitting on the shelf in your sewing room, but let’s put them to good use!

For her second book with Martingale, Jessica Dayon designed nine quilts that will help you make the most of precuts. Grab your precut 2½" strips, 10″ squares, and fan-favorite fat quarters and start stitching! It’s time to make a dent in your precut stash and sew quilts that you’ll be proud to parade all over town!

Visit your local quilt shop or ShopMartingale.com to order your copy of "Precut Parade" today! And go to our homepage to see all the new books on the docket.

Happy stitching!

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