"Quilt Recipes" by Jen Kingwell: Baking and Stitching for the Holidays + An Upcoming Quilt Along

Jen Kingwell, author of "Quilt Recipes," chats about why she was inspired to include treasured family recipes in her new book. Learn how she uses the quilt designs and dessert recipes in the book to add special, festive touches throughout the holidays. She also shares a special announcement about an upcoming quilt along….

As Jen mentioned in the video, the details for the quilt along will be announced soon. The quilt along will be self-paced, so don’t worry if you don’t have your copy of "Quilt Recipes" yet! But DO make sure you place your preorder so you can reserve your copy and receive the book as soon as we get our shipment. (As you may know, our inventory of "Quilt Recipes" is stuck in transit, but have high hopes our ship will come in soon, and we will ship preorders ASAP.)

Preorder your copy of "Quilt Recipes" from ShopMartingale.com so you can get the instructions for 12 pillow and quilt projects + 8 tasty dessert recipes + stitching and baking tips. Preorder link: https://www.shopmartingale.com/quilt-recipes.html

In the mood to stitch projects that you can use to decorate (and gift) for the holidays? Check out the covers below for a few ideas, then view the entire collection of holiday and seasonal books available at ShopMartingale.com now!

Happy stitching!


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