Quilt in a jar: a “little” gift idea from Kim Diehl 🎁

Kim Diehl’s done it again. We LOVE her fun idea for quilter-to-quilter gifts below! With the holidays on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to start planning for presents. All you need for this gift is a pretty little collection of fabrics, a mason jar, and a copy of Kim’s book Simple Whatnots. We’ll let Kim fill you in on the how-to!

Kim DiehlHere’s a fun and easy “quilt-in-a-jar” idea for gift giving.

First, pick a petite quilt project (Simple Whatnots projects work beautifully).

Next, choose a vintage jar or even a basic canning jar. Gather the fabrics needed for the quilt, and then fold and layer them together in a width to fit your jar, with the prints staggered so that several can be seen.

Roll the fabrics up jelly-roll style before popping the bundle into the jar.

Quilt in a Jar

If desired, cut a piece of cloth to fit the lid insert, attach it with spray adhesive, and cap the jar.

Use twine, ribbon, or raffia to add a cute hanging tag. For an even sweeter gift, use a taller jar than needed and fill the open space above the fabrics with Hershey Kisses. Add a copy of Simple Whatnots with the project page bookmarked.

The result is a unique and yummy gift for special quilting friends!

We bet you have someone in mind to make this adorable gift for—and the best part is getting to choose which project they’ll make!

How about a sweet housewarming gift?

Home Again quilt
Home Again

Here’s a quilt to match a blue-and-white home:

True Blue quilt
True Blue

And here’s a quilt for a red-and-white home!

Scarlet Stars quilt
Scarlet Stars

Here’s one for that friend with scads of scraps:

Plain Folk quilt
Plain Folk

And here’s one for that friend who adores appliqué:

Hopscotch quilt

There are 18 little quilts to choose from in Simple Whatnots—pick your favorite, pack a jar, and delight your quilty friends with a gift from the heart.

What quilt-happy gifts have you given to your quilting friends? Tell us in the comments!

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