Quilt-book lovers: get $40 to spend at our site today

Are you a quilt book-a-holic? (It’s okay to say yes. You’re among friends who understand.)

Or maybe you can’t get enough of books about sewing, knitting, or crochet.

Or maybe you love them all.

If you love books about your favorite hobby, it’s time.

Time to join the Martingale Insider Book Club!

Martingale Insider Book Club

Free gift certificate for Insider Book Club membersIt’s only $14.99 per year to join. And we’re so sure you’ll love being a member, we’ll give you a $40.00 gift certificate to spend at our website as soon as you sign up.

Spend your gift certificate on whatever your creative heart desires. No restrictions, no limitations. Except for one thing: as a book-club member, we insist that anything you buy at our website is 35% off the regular price. Because that’s how we treat our book-club members.

Are you good with that? Good!

Our Insider Book Club is brimming with benefits for you. When you join:

>>> You’ll save 35% off everything at our website, ShopMartingale.com. Log in as a book-club member and this is what you’ll see on your screen:

Discounts. Discounts. Discounts!

Discounts are stupendously fun when you’re a book-a-holic. And yes, that 35% savings applies to whatever you buy with your new $40 gift certificate too. So you’re saving even more!

>>> You’ll discover that membership is totally flexible. Once a month, you’ll get an email when we’re ready to send a beautiful new book to you. You can tell us:

  • YES! or
  • No thanks! or
  • I’d like to order something else this month. (Then simply place an order for that something else.)

Or say nothing at all and we’ll automatically ship the Featured Selection to you.

See? Choices. It’s the superpower we bestow upon you when you become a member.

Martingale books coming to the book club soon!

Joining is easy—put the Insider Book Club membership into your shopping cart, choose to receive print books or eBooks, and follow the prompts to check out. It’s that simple!

Once your transaction is complete, you’ll receive your $40 gift certificate and you can spend it right away.*

During the next year, you’ll receive 35% off all your purchases at ShopMartingale.com. Buy at least four items during the year to maintain your membership.* Buy six items in a year and we’ll waive your membership fee next year!

Questions? Click here for more info or email us at bookclub@shopmartingale.com and we’ll be glad to answer any questions you might have.

Ready to join? Click here. Or find out more about the club:

FAQs | membership terms | sign up!

*Please note: items purchased with your $40 gift certificate, and flash sales, do not count toward the purchase obligation.




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