Quilts for happy times, heartbreak (+ giveaway)

Quilts Made with Love quilt labelHave you ever had someone close to you experience a dramatic life event—either heartwarming or heartbreaking—and you wanted to let them know you care more than words could express? Sometimes giving something of yourself, whether it’s time, hugs, a nourishing meal, or a simple gift, can be healing not only for the person going through the event, but for the person providing the support.

Rachel Griffith, the prolific designer behind the popular blog ps i quilt, understands how quilts can instantly delight, soothe, and uplift—and how they can help the maker process the good and the bad along with those experiencing it. Rachel is here at Stitch This! today to tell us, in her signature prose, about the inspiration behind the simple yet meaningful projects in her new book, Quilts Made with Love, and how the quilts you make and give can surround people—quite literally—with love.

Rachel GriffithI’m so very excited to talk to y’all about my first book, Quilts Made with Love.

We’ve all experienced life events.
These events, good or bad, make up our lives.
Think about all the events that have happened in or around your life within the last year.
Your friend expecting her first baby, your cousin getting married, your neighbor passing away, or your grandson receiving orders for deployment.
I’m willing to bet, you can personally relate to one, if not more, of these occasions.

All Together Now quilt
“All Together Now”

I have found that quilters are some of the most generous people I know.
I believe that as quilters, we have this inner urge to help people in whatever capacity we can.
A lot of the time, well 98% of the time, we help by offering a quilt.
There’s something about quilts that is timeless and almost therapeutic.

Pathways quilt

I believe that quilters tend to have a passion for helping people through quiltmaking.
Because of this passion, when an occasion arises, there should be a go-to book to help you find the perfect quilt.
A book that will guide you in giving quilts for all of life’s events.
A book featuring quilts that are meant to be celebratory and quilts that are meant to comfort.

It Takes two quilt
“It Takes Two”

My inspiration for Quilts Made with Love came from the all-occasion greeting card boxes that my grandmothers like to have on hand.
Your grandmother had boxes of those things, right?
Thought so. 😉

Unconditional quilt

As a quilter, I wanted to be able to open a book and pick the appropriate quilt for whatever situation I was faced with—just as my grandmothers would choose a card from the assortment.
The occasions featured in Quilts Made with Love cover everything from birth to loss. (The non-holiday events.)
Need a quilt for a retirement gift? It’s there.
Need a quilt for a sick parent? It’s there, too.
And there are many more.

Happily Ever After quilt
“Happily Ever After”

In addition to supplying designs for all occasions, Quilts Made with Love caters to any level of quiltmaking skill and to the traditional and modern quilter alike.
I pride myself on being a nowadays quilter. (Someone that mixes traditional and modern.)
I also enjoy creating (and making) simple, enjoyable quilts.

Look to the Stars quilt
“Look to the Stars”

Chances are, like most people, you lead a busy lifestyle. This is something that I can totally relate to. (I have four kids and a husband who coaches high school football.)
I personally need to be able to make things in a quick manner.
Most of the quilts in the book can be pieced quickly, making gift giving even easier.
Some of the quilts featured start with precut fabrics, lending to even quicker construction.
And if you love pulling from your stash, that’s perfect too.

Epilogue quilt

All the basics and finishing information are included in Quilts Made with Love.
There are also handy tips sprinkled throughout.
And we all love tips, right?

Turnaround quilt

So, whether this is your first quilt book or your 100th, I hope it will become instantly usable.
I can’t wait for y’all to hold it your hands and make quilts that celebrate and provide comfort to your friends and your family.

Quilts Made with Love

Rachel, thanks for sharing your thoughts about your inspiring book with us.

Who in your life would receive a Quilts Made with Love quilt from you? Tell us in the comments and you could win an eBook copy of Rachel’s new book. We’ll choose a winner one week from today and notify you by email if you win.

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Thanks to all who entered the drawing! The randomly chosen winner is Cathie, who writes:

“There are two special men in my life who are dealing with rough times. My brother with pancreatic cancer and my husband from losing his job after 17 years (good old down sizing). I would love to make each one of them a quilt from this wonderful book. And one for my daughter who will be completing nursing school in April. Thanks for the chance.”

Cathie, we’ll email you about your prize. Congratulations!


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