Quick Christmas decorating: part I

Winter Whimsy wool table runnerImagine the scene. It’s two days after Thanksgiving and you’re sipping a steaming mug of cinnamon-scented cider, enjoying the cozy ambiance of your tidy, already-decorated-for-Christmas house. Next up? Some quality time with your sewing machine, stitching up quilts for next year’s holiday. And what the hey, maybe you’ll sew a few small gifts for this year too.

Call it visions of sugarplums, quilter’s edition. And we’re going to help you get there.

Relishing the season is way more fun than rushing through it, so today’s post offers ideas for decorating your house with Christmas quilts—quickly. Ready to take your house from Thanksgiving to Christmas in a matter of minutes? We’ve got 12 ways for you to use your every Christmas quilt and pillow to create holiday displays. You’ll even find a couple of clever tips for transforming non-holiday quilts into undercover seasonal decor!

Holiday Stars pillow

Alert: Christmas projects to sew!

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12 Easy Ways to Decorate with Christmas Quilts


1. Offer a warm welcome

Okay, we’re not suggesting that you leave your precious quilts and appliquéd pillows outdoors from the day after Thanksgiving until New Year’s. But if you’re hosting a holiday get-together, consider sprucing up the porch for a few hours by hanging a quilt outside. If that’s impractical, rest a pillow on a sled, as shown here, or use a child’s wagon or a small table to display small quilts or pillows. Especially if you and your guests will spend time outdoors, a bit of quilted cheer can set the tone and intensify the holiday jolly. Just add hot cocoa and candy canes, and let the merrymaking begin!

High Strung Christmas quilt on the porch

2. Deck the halls (and walls) with banners

If you use curtain rods to hang quilts, it’s an easy job to swap out a standard wall hanging for a quilted Christmas banner.

Christmas Star banner quilt

3. Set a festive table

Table runners are a given, but don’t discount your larger quilts as tabletop decor. Consider spreading a bed quilt over a large table or covering a side table with a wall hanging.

Christmas table runners and quilts

4. Hang a holly jolly wall quilt

Large or small, a wall quilt quickly and magically transforms a space by bestowing a festive splash of holiday color. Got a quilt but not sure how to hang it? Check out the links below for quick and easy ways to get a quilt on the wall.

Christmas quilt wall hangings

5. Sit here and be merry!

Cover a bench in good spirits by draping a quilt over the back or folding one over a seat cushion. Top the bench with a colorful pillow to make it even more inviting.

Christmas quilts on benches

6. Roll with some incognito decor

Christmas quilts in basketGot lots of quilts—but not many holiday quilts? Here’s where your backings do double duty. If any of your out-of-season quilts are backed in traditional Christmas hues, just roll them inside out and tuck them into a basket for instant holiday color. Aren’t seeing any reds or greens on your backings? Use what you do have and accent your basketful of quilts with holiday ribbons, evergreen boughs, or sprigs of holly.

7. Style a festive fireplace

Make fireside celebrations even merrier by hanging a holiday quilt above the mantel or placing a mantel runner across it.

Christmas quilts at the mantel

8. Look under the tree

In their book ‘Tis the Season, Jeanne Large and Shelley Wicks reconsider tree skirts. "Try using a quilt instead of a traditional tree skirt. Choose a quilt in colors that work with your holiday theme. If your quilt tops don’t work, check out the backings—one of them might be just the right color. Spread the quilt under the tree and then scrunch it up to shape it around the tree stand."

'Tis the Season Christmas quilt as tree skirt

9. Draw eyes to collectibles

To prevent small holiday figurines from going unnoticed, anchor them with an eye-catching quilt.

Draw eyes to collectibles with Christmas quilts

10. Step it up for the holidays

Another clever decorating idea from Jeanne Large and Shelley Wicks: "Keep an eye out at secondhand stores and flea markets for old ladders. We have one that came from Jeanne’s grandparents’ farm. After a good scrubbing with a wire brush and soapy water, it makes a wonderful stand for displaying quilts. Leaned against a wall and draped with just one quilt or layered with several quilts, a ladder makes a great prop in practically any room in your home." Don’t have a decorative ladder handy? Try a drying rack instead.

'Tis the Season Christmas Quilts on drying rack

11. Make every December morning magical

Christmas quilt bed throwWhether it’s a kid curled up under the covers dreaming of Santa or a grownup pondering ways to help Santa in his labors, Christmas morning feels that much closer when you’re snuggling under a holiday quilt. Don’t have a bed-size quilt in Christmas colors? You can create just as much impact by using smaller quilts as throws or bed runners.

Christmas bed quilts

12. Ornament the sofa

Possibly the quickest and easiest way to decorate for Christmas is to simply drape a holiday quilt across the back of the couch or toss on some cheery throw pillows. It’s instant festivity!

'Tis the Season Christmas quilts on the sofa

What are your plans for Christmas sewing this year? Are you finished with Christmas stitching, or have you just started to think about it? Share in the comments!

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  • ALL just Beautiful……….

    —Donna on November 4, 2013
  • I’m allways on the hunt for new ideas about how to decorate with quilts. Love them all! And I know my students too.

    Diana on November 4, 2013
  • Just magic !
    la cocotte

    la cocotte de kiev au Caire on November 5, 2013
  • I have no plans for Christmas sewing this year, however next year…. I will be chained to a sewing machine.

    Keep smiling,

    Lynnita Shipman on November 5, 2013
  • Thanks for making me purchase one of these DARLING patterns at a GREAT price…already making plans for next Christmas thanks to your great sale! Wish they were hand applique friendly but I will figure it out 😉 Kathi

    Kathi on November 10, 2013
  • Unique way of explaining about christmas Decoration with images. Thank you for sharing.

    Yatai Decor on December 9, 2021

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