Organizing fabric, simplified (+ free printable!)

Stockpile. Hoard. Huge teetering piles of unsorted fabric. Whatever you call your stash, there’s one thing every quilter needs: fabric organization ideas.

We understand—we’re charter members of “Stashaholics Anonymous” ourselves!

Organizing fabric is so much easier when you’ve got a system to help you keep track of all your treasures, whether neatly folded in your sewing room or crammed in boxes in one of your closets (but which boxes? And which closet?). That’s why we created these handy printable stash labels. They’re just what you need to bring order out of your cloth chaos.

Free printable fabric-stash labels
Download your free printable stash labels now

Print the labels on adhesive-backed sheets and press them onto shelves and containers (they’re compatible with the Avery 8161 label template). Or simply print, cut apart, and tape to your fabric bins.

What will you find as you dive into the task of sorting your stash? A bevy of batiks? Loads of Layer Cakes? Scads of solids? A lone half-yard of reindeer novelty print just right for that Christmas quilt you’ve been aching to stitch?

We’ve got labels for them all, along with Civil War and 1930s reproduction fabric, dots and spots, flannel and wool, all the colors of the rainbow, and of course the all-important backing fabric. There are also plenty of blank labels you can customize for those mystery fabrics that just don’t fit a predefined category. (I’m looking at you, strange black-and-white newsprint fabric featuring fairy tale characters!)

Download your free printable stash labels and get organized!

Once your stash is under control, deploy it to create these fantastic stash-busting quilts:

Quilts from Scrap-Basket Sensations
“Summer Daze,” “Scrap-Basket Paddle Wheel,” and “Tipsy Baskets” from Scrap-Basket Sensations

Quilts from Vintage Vibe
“Scrap Jars,” “Rainy Day Table Runner,” and “Big Baby” from Vintage Vibe

From Easy Weekend Quilts
“Four-Patch Shift,” “Knotted Squares,” and “Modern V” from Easy Weekend Quilts

Your beloved stash: neat and tidy or beautiful chaos? Tell us in the comments! And if you dare, “flash your stash” by posting a photo of it on Pinterest or Facebook.

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