One-step method: how to sew rounded corners on quilts

How to sew rounded corners on quilts

Ohio Star Crossing quilt detailHave you ever noticed that in antique quilts, sometimes it’s the little things that take a design from ordinary to extraordinary?

Occasionally you’ll find an unexpected element—an off-center layout, an unusual motif, or a zinger of a color—in quilts of yesteryear. Whether the makers of these quilts chose these details out of necessity or for creativity (or both!) is hard to say. Either way, those surprising little features are part of what make antique quilts so appealing.

Taking their cue from the past, the design team known as Country Threads is big on the little things too. One little way they make their Civil Warinspired quilts stand out is by rounding the corners—and their technique couldn’t get much easier.

Ohio Star Crossing quilt
“Ohio Star Crossing” from
The Blue and the Gray

See the one-step process below for rounding corners. Why not try it in your next quilt?

How to sew rounded corners on quilts

From The Blue and the Gray by Mary Etherington and Connie Tesene

To round the corners as we do, place a 5″-diameter plate or cardboard circle on a corner block and trace the curve. Trim the corner on the drawn line. Repeat for the other three corners.


Use this technique for pieced blocks and borders, as well as for single-fabric borders.

Bind your quilt as you normally would. The corner curves are wide, so no special binding techniques are needed, although using bias binding will make it easier to bind the corners.

Here are more beautiful examples of rounded-corner quilts from The Blue and the Gray:spacer 10px deep

Gettysburg quilt
“Gettysburg” from
The Blue and the Grayspacer 10px deep

Blue and Gray quilt
“Blue and Gray” from
The Blue and the Gray

spacer 10px deep
Battle for Glory quilt
“Battle for Glory” from
Civil War Rememberedspacer 10px deep

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