NO knots on the back of your embroidery. NONE. Watch how it’s done (video 🎬)

Embroidery from Stitched So SweetHow can you embroider without any knots to hold your stitches in place?

It’s totally doable . . . and it’s as easy as can be!

Knots on the back of your work can make the front of your work look lumpy and bumpy. Thread tails can show through to the front of your work too. After all the care you put into your embroidery, you want it to look polished and professional. And today Stitched So Sweet author Tracy Souza is sharing a simple technique that will help you do just that!

Tracy SouzaAbout the technique in the video below, Tracy says:

“Several years ago while I was teaching a class, one of my students taught me this handy trick for stitching without knots on the back of my work. It’s by far one of my favorite methods for keeping my work neat and tidy.”

Watch the clever how-to:

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What about when it’s time to end your stitching? Tracy says, “When you’ve completed the embroidery or you’re near the end of the floss, stop when you have 2″ to 3″ of floss. Then weave the thread through the back of the stitches.” (Check out a video about that technique here.)

Now that you’re ready to say so-long to knots, take a look at all the pretty embroidery you can enjoy in Stitched So Sweet:

Make a whimsical quilt that features the four seasons:

Thread and Whimsy wall quilt Thread and Whimsy wall quilt
Thread and Whimsy Quilt

Or stitch an embroidered runner, Log Cabin style:

Seasons of Whimsy table runner Seasons of Whimsy table runner
Seasons of Whimsy Table Runner

Or perhaps you’ll embroider a pretty prairie-point pillow (or two or three?):

Spooling Around pillow Spooling Around pillows
Spooling Around Pillows

Note: soon we’ll be sharing another video from Tracy on how she makes her cute prairie points, so be sure to subscribe to Stitch This! so you don’t miss it!

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Stitched So SweetHow do you typically start and end your embroidery stitches?

  • The no-knot way, just like Tracy.
  • I’ve been using a quilter’s knot, but this tutorial has changed my mind!
  • Any way I can . . . 😂

Tell us in the comments!

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