New quilt-along alert! Make a stunning Millie Stars quilt with Katja Marek ⭐⭐⭐

Nearly 20,000 quilters on Facebook are following Katja Marek’s quilt-alongs based on The New Hexagon and The New Hexagon Perpetual Calendar. Now Katja introduces an all-new quilt-along based on the same book and calendar—and you can sew with traditional English paper-piecing methods OR by machine!

The New Hexagon and The New Hexagon Perpetual Calendar

We’re excited to have Katja here as a guest writer to tell you more about her 2019 quilt-along, Millie Stars.

A new year brings new ideas and new projects—and for me it brings new possibilities for using hexagons and a brand-new quilt-along. Millie Stars, my 2019 quilt-along, offers with it new ways to use the blocks I designed for The New Hexagon and The New Hexagon Perpetual Calendar.

On the first day of each month, I’ll let you know which blocks are required to make one star rosette. Each star rosette consists of blocks from both The New Hexagon and The New Hexagon Perpetual Calendar, and participants will need both the book and the calendar to make the blocks. Each month’s post will include photos that show how to machine piece the star rosette.

Millie Stars quilt

Machine piecing? Did you read that correctly? Yes! I’ve had so many people ask about options for machine piecing that I asked Paper Pieces to to make several options for the papers and acrylic templates available:

1. Hexagon papers for traditional English paper piecing: These bundles are for traditional English paper piecing. They can be ordered as a complete pack or as a monthly shipment. A separate finishing package is available for the background, which you can learn more about when you click the “Finish” button on this page.

2. Acrylic templates with ⅜" seam allowances for traditional English paper piecing.
These ⅜" seam-allowance acrylic templates are for traditional English paper piecers who would like to cut or fussy-cut their fabrics using acrylic templates. They’re the perfect solution for ease of cutting, and awesome for fussy-cutting. There is also an optional finishing set for purchase with these acrylics.

Paper Pieces also offers ⅜" seam-allowance window acrylics. These are perfect for cutting from the wrong side of the fabric and gluing the papers right into the open window (for precise placement).

3. Acrylic templates with ¼" seam allowances for machine piecing. For the machine-piecing option, ¼" seam-allowance window acrylics are offered. This allows you to cut or fussy-cut your fabrics with the ¼" seam allowance that your sewing machine is already set up for. These acrylics make it easy to mark the seam allowance on the wrong side of the fabric for perfect seams and point matching every time.

Lastly, I asked Paper Pieces to make acrylic templates for the background piecing. These acrylics have ¼" seam allowance, are solid in the center, and have drilled corner holes. I felt ¼" window acrylics might be challenging to hold in place and cut around, as the background pieces are large. You can still mark corner points for matching and pinning using the open corner holes.

This will be the fourth quilt-along using blocks from The New Hexagon and the second quilt-along using blocks from The New Hexagon Perpetual Calendar. Why are the book and the calendar required? First of all, you probably own either one or the other (or maybe even both) already. Second, using these blocks will limit the number of shapes (and the cost) for those wishing to use the acrylic templates.

Millie Star #1: Fuchsia

Guidelines for the quilt-along and the first pattern are available now! If you register for email notifications I’ll let you know when the latest download is ready each month. Downloads for this and all my other quilt-alongs can be found on my website.

It’s always fun to interact with other quilters working on the same projects. You can post photos of your progress and ask questions at my two Facebook groups—the Millefiore Quilt-Along group and Katja Marek’s Quilt with Me group, and I hope you join the fun!

Come with me on this new adventure and discover new "Hex"-abilities!

For more information about all of Katja’s fun quilt-alongs, visit—you can join any of the quilt-alongs below, anytime!

When you join the quilt-along, what will be your sewing style of choice: English paper piecing by hand or by machine? Tell us in the comments!

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