NEW: Country Threads’ Civil War quilt patterns – and the stories of Civil War heroines

Create spectacular Civil War–style quilts and read stories of the amazing women from this time in history. The best-selling design team of Country Threads—Mary Etherington and Connie Tesene—will introduce you to them in A Country’s Call.

Reach back in time and visit 14 heroines of the Civil War. Then, create an array of beautiful quilts inspired by the stories of these courageous women. From a simple string quilt:

First Lessons

To a small beauty that’s perfect for beginning paper piecers:

Noble Cause

To spectacular scrap quilts bursting with hundreds of fabrics:

Crazy Like a Fox

Each project in A Country’s Call captures the distinct look of antique quilts from the era.

Rounding out this beautiful book are authentic photos and true accounts of Civil War history that will draw in quilters and Civil War buffs alike.

The story of Annie Lorinda Blair Etheridge . . .

Inspired this Daughters of the Regiment quilt.

For a historical perspective of women who lived during the Civil War, Mary and Connie invited historian Tanya Tullos to write the introduction to the book. She has a PhD in Educational Curriculum and Instruction at Texas A&M University. Here’s a fascinating excerpt from that introduction:

“In the years leading up to and through the Civil War in the United States, women worked hard to defend and support their families, to fight for the causes they believed in, and to convince others of the rightness of their own beliefs. Much of what is known about women’s lives, work, and efforts during these times is the result of passionate letters, diaries carefully describing people and events, newspapers that tell of current events, and official records of wartime service. With no telephones, no email, and no instant notifications, news often took days or weeks to filter throughout the nation. Letters, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, and other treasured documents were often saved, just as scraps of cloth and locks of hair were preserved.

Few suspected that the war between the States would last for years. Men, women, and children suffered during the war and in its aftermath, experiencing hunger, heartbreak, and even death. The women especially took on new roles, including soldiering, nursing, spying, farming, and working outside their homes, while trying to get through the war years.

It is not the war itself that we treasure; it is the great courage, persistence, and commitment of these women to those things that they held dear. By reaching out to the past, hopefully we can be more prepared to work for a better present in our own lives and for a better future for all.”

More from A Country’s Call

The women celebrated in A Country’s Call are captivating, as are the 14 quilt designs. To enter to win a copy of the book, tell us in the comments:

A mother, a sister, a grandmother, a friend: is there a woman in your life who has inspired you?

We’ll choose a random winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win. And if you’d like to read more of the stories from A Country’s Call—and start making one of Country Threads’ gorgeous quilts!—you can purchase the book at our website and we’ll send you a link to download the eBook version for free.

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