Minick and Simpson quilts and rugs all in Blue & White (+ giveaway!)

If you follow Martingale, you know about our series of coffee-table books: first came the celebration of acclaimed folk artist Sue Spargo in the glorious Stitches to Savor; then came the breathtaking retrospective of art quilter Gwen Marston in A Common Thread. Today we can announce the much-awaited release of our third hardcover coffee-table book for those who adore everything about textiles: Minick and Simpson Blue & White!

Minick and Simpson Blue & White

When we first saw images from the photo shoot for this book, everyone in the Martingale office immediately wanted to switch the colors in their homes to blue and white—and we bet you will too! In this indulgent hardcover volume, you’ll pore over page after page of breathtaking room settings, all in calming blues and crisp whites. (Patterns not included.)

Austin Bluebird quilt
Austin Bluebird quilt, 75″ × 87″, hand pieced and hand quilted by Laurie Simpson

Sisters Polly Minick (a rug-hooking legend) and Laurie Simpson (a quiltmaking icon) invite you to enjoy their inspiring collections. From quilts and hooked rugs to darling vintage pieces the sisters have amassed throughout their lifelong love of antiquing, you’ll be captivated by their approach to making, decorating, and living.

Polly's master bedroom
Of her Americana-
style home, Polly says, “I put my favorite pieces in the master bedroom. That way, they’re the last things I see before I go to sleep and the first things I see when I wake up.”

Spotlighting three different homes featuring Americana, coastal, and classic styles, the book shares clever decorating ideas and inspiring tips for creating a two-color look. Take a peek inside this beautiful hardcover volume in this flip-style video:

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Whenever you want to be inspired by tranquil beauty, want to start up a new decorating scheme, or you just want to shut the door, settle in, and dream, let this picturesque book whisk you away to a wonderful world of blue and white!

From Minick and Simpson Blue & White
A glimpse at of some of the collections and textiles in
Minick and Simpson Blue & White

Today we’ve got a fun little Q&A with Laurie and Polly—they answered our questions while waiting for their luggage to arrive in . . . France! (They got their belongings two days later.) The sisters traveled to the Pour l’Amour du Fil (For the Love of Thread) Quilt Show in Nantes, France, to share their new book. Polly transcribed their conversations about each question—so interesting to get a peek inside the lives of this dynamic duo!


FABRIC GIVEAWAY! Our friends at Moda Fabrics were kind enough to send a bundle of Minick & Simpson’s new fabric line, called Snowfall, to give away to one lucky winner!

Martingale and Moda giveaway!

Enter to win the bundle plus a copy of Minick and Simpson Blue & White at the end of this post.

Stitch This!: How did you both learn your respective arts—Laurie quiltmaking and Polly rug hooking?

Polly: We are both self-taught. Laurie made her first quilt when she was 14 and still has it. She saw a quilt in a magazine and wanted to try it, so she went to the store daily to buy little bits of fabric and she was on her way.  By college, her quilts were stunning.

LeMoyne Star String Quilt
The LeMoyne Star String Quilt, hand pieced and hand quilted by Laurie Simpson, provides a graphic backdrop for a vignette of antique treasures.

Myself, I’m a tried-and-true antique collector. Hitting antique shows, I would see antique hooked rugs, often in dismal condition, but still pricey. So, I thought maybe I could make one. Well, not easy to start, but I stuck with it and taught myself. The first rugs I’m not too proud of, as it took time to get the images in my head onto the linen rug backing. But while trying, I got hooked on hooking.

From Minick and Simpson Blue & White
Polly and Laurie sometimes collaborate to create quilt and rug combinations. “Usually one of us designs something first and the other plays off of that design for a variation,” Laurie says.

ST!: How did your love of textiles turn into a business?

Polly: A friend suggested that I write a rug-hooking book. She was publishing with Martingale at the time and mentioned me to them. I got a call from Martingale, and during the call quilts were mentioned. Martingale is well-known for quilt books, but at the time they’d never published a rug-hooking book before. That got me thinking that maybe Laurie and I should write a book together about our quilt and rug projects. That was the beginning.

From Minick and Simpson Blue & White
Left: Polly Minick and Laurie Simpson. Right: a stack of Laurie’s blue-and-white quilts.

ST!: You’re known for your red, white, and blue color palettes in your fabrics, books, and patterns. What inspires you to keep those colors as a foundation throughout your work, and how did you come to love blue and white?

Polly: I used darker colors when I lived in Michigan. But when we decided to purchase vacation homes in south, I decorated with lighter colors. First, we went with red, white, and blue, and then we changed our minds and removed the red. In our current location in south Florida, I decided to do what I’d wanted to try for a long time—decorating with blue and white. It’s now my favorite color theme.

From Minick and Simpson Blue & White
Although focused on a blue-and-white color scheme, pops of red still make appearances throughout Polly and Laurie’s homes.

ST!: You’ve designed several lines of fabric for Moda—your latest is Snowfall. How do you go about designing a new line, especially when the two of you live apart?

Polly: We both love fabrics and have both collected fabric over the years. Laurie, of course, does something with her fabric! I don’t sew at all, but I love collecting fabric. By chance, when I called Moda to order ticking for binding my rugs, I got into a conversation with someone who suggested I think about wool, as Moda was considering producing a line of wool fabrics. Then we moved to designing cottons, and the rest is history.

Polly's rug hooking
A close-up of Polly’s rug hooking and a peek at her wool collection

It’s been easy for us to design together . . . we get together a few times a year. When we’re not in the same place, it’s computers and scanning and sending ideas back and forth. It works well for us.

ST!: Tell us about Minick and Simpson Blue & White—how did the concept come about?

Polly: Since we both love blue and white and our houses are totally blue and white, it seemed easy. I imagined a book, had a few ideas, and away we went. Laurie loves blue and white and has stacks of fabulous quilts, and I had stacks of rugs. So the book idea came together very easily.

Minick and Simpson Blue & White

Laurie and Polly, thanks for giving us a peek into your beautiful homes and your wonderful work!

To enter the giveaway, tell us: what’s your favorite two-color combo?

  • Blue and white
  • Red and white
  • Black and white
  • It was something else, but now it’s blue and white!

Share your answer in the comments to be automatically entered into the drawing; we’ll choose a random winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win. Good luck!

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Thanks to all who entered the drawing! The winner is Fran, who says:

“My husband and I are living in our 13th house. I swear we have every color scheme imaginable in one house or another. We recently purchased a home in FL and furnished it in blue, aqua/turquoise, and off-white. Last night we came home from a trip and as I was unpacking, I realized many of my clothes are blue and white, too. Loved seeing glimpses of the book and can’t wait to own it.”

We’ll email you about your prize, Fran—congratulations!








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