Meet Red Crinoline Quilts AND their new book – 2 videos ahead! 📹

Reproduction-fabric collectors and antique-quilt lovers, the much-anticipated follow-up to Tributes and Treasures is here!

Step Back in Time

Enjoy an all-new, jaw-dropping collection of patterns from the talented design team behind Red Crinoline Quilts. In Step Back in Time, you’ll learn streamlined techniques for creating 13 of their vintage-inspired designs.

From Step Back in Time

Each quilt is paired with a fascinating true story from the 1800s, while more than 70 beautiful photos capture the style and sentiment of this unique time in American quilting history.

We’re thrilled that Paula Barnes (on the right in the video) and Mary Ellen Robison (on the left) recorded two videos for us, to introduce their new book to YOU! Get ready for project reveals and some fun stories about the quilts they designed for Step Back in Time.

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In this next video, you’ll learn how Paula and Mary Ellen met and how Red Crinoline Quilts came to be. It’s a great story—we think destiny played a part in their pairing!

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Here’s an excerpt from Step Back in Time that shares the introduction to the Potato Chip Stars quilt, which Paula and Mary talk about in the video above.

Potato Chip Stars
Potato Chip Stars

George Crum“While recipes for potato chips appeared in cookbooks prior to the 1850s, the legend of George Crum, Kate Wicks, and their invention of the potato chip is probably the most interesting. Born in 1824, George was an American chef who honed his culinary skills at Cary Moon’s Lake House on Saratoga Lake in upstate New York. Moon’s Lake House was an expensive restaurant that catered to the wealthy families from Manhattan that vacationed at their “camps” on the lake.

Kate Wicks was George’s sister, and they worked side by side in the kitchen. The story goes that she dropped a thin slice of potato into the pan of fat, fished it out, and set it aside. George tasted it, liked it, and said, “We’ll have plenty of these.” This was the invention of “Saratoga Chips.”

Potato Chip Stars closeupOne night, a dinner guest returned his French fries to the kitchen because he felt they were too thick. George decided to annoy the customer by serving him a much thinner fry that he overcooked and salted. To his surprise, the guest was ecstatic over the browned, paper-thin potatoes, and the potato chip was born.

In 1860, George opened his own restaurant, called Crum’s, in Malta, New York. It’s said he served a basket of chips at every table. In 1932, Herman Lay founded Lay’s, and his potato chips became the first successfully marketed national brand.

Paula calls the 4″ block used in this quilt her “potato chip block” because they’re like potato chips—you can’t stop after just one!”

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