Make 2015 the year of the art quilt

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Do you make New Year’s resolutions? I don’t. It’s not that I haven’t tried, but despite my best intentions, my enthusiasm begins to wane by the middle of February. I believe many resolutions don’t last because they focus on something negative: we resolve to diet because we think we’re overweight; we plan a new exercise routine because we’re feeling out of shape. But what if the resolution was to do something positive and creative just for the fun of it? Now that’s a promise I can keep.

I hereby resolve that 2015 will be the year I broaden my horizon and dip my toe into the world of art quilting.

I love to make quilts from patterns; it suits my rule-following, color-inside-the-lines nature. But I’m ready for a little fabric adventure. It’s time to get in touch with my inner quilt artist for a bit of bend-the-rules, color-wherever-I-want excitement. Will you join me?

The world of fiber art quilts is vast, with as many different styles as there are quilt artists. The first step is to decide what type of art quilting appeals to you, then look for a book to help you on your journey.

Landscape quilts are a good starting point. Points of View by Valerie Hearder and Dream Landscapes by Rose Hughes feature two very different techniques with equally stunning results. Both books include patterns, but the technique instructions are so thorough, you won’t need patterns for long. You’ll be creating your own designs in no time!

Quilts from Points of View
“Fern Hill” and “Summer Marsh” from Points of View

Quilts from Dream Landscapes
“Oak—King of Trees” and “Making a Stand” from
Dream Landscapes

Another great starting place for new art quilters is the story quilt—after all, everyone has a story to tell. Mary Lou Weidman is the queen of story quilts. When her book Out of the Box came out, I was captivated by the creative lessons, ideas, and encouragement that filled its pages. But then came Out of the Box with Easy Blocks by Mary Lou and her co-author, Melanie Bautista McFarland, which gave me even more tools to create the story quilt of my dreams.

Quilts from Out of the Box with Easy Blocks
The purple cow and the shoes are just two of the 13 blocks and 7 quilts in Out of the Box with Easy Blocks. Now, couldn’t you have fun telling a story like this?

If you really want to stretch your creative muscle, Design, Create, and Quilt by Rose Hughes is practically a design class in a book. Through exercises and projects, Rose explores the five basic elements of design: line, shape, texture, color, and space. By the time you’re through, you’ll have the techniques and the confidence to design your own abstract art quilts.

Quilts from Design Create and Quilt

So what do you think? Are you ready to try something new and different? This is one resolution I’m looking forward to keeping.

What’s your quilting resolution for 2015? Tell us in the comments.

Holiday Blog Blitz Recipe:
Double-Shot Mocha Cheesecake

Rich and creamy, this decadent treat is for true chocolate and coffee lovers.

1¾ cups chocolate cookie crumbs
¼ cup butter
3 tablespoons granulated sugar

2 tablespoons water
2 tablespoons instant coffee crystals
1 cup semi-sweet chocolate morsels
¼ cup coffee liqueur
3 (8 ounce) packages cream cheese
1¼ cups granulated sugar
3 tablespoons all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon vanilla
3 eggs
3 tablespoons milk

1. Prepare the crust: Mix the cookie crumbs, melted butter, and 3 tablespoons sugar. Press into the bottom and along the sides of an ungreased 9″ springform pan. Chill the crust while you continue with the recipe.

2. Prepare the filling: In a small saucepan, melt the chocolate morsels in the water and add the coffee crystals. Cool; then add coffee liqueur. Caution: Do not heat liqueur in a saucepan. Be sure the filling has cooled before adding the liqueur.

3. In another bowl, mix the cream cheese, sugar, and flour. Add the vanilla, eggs, milk, and chocolate mixture.

4. Pour the filling mixture into a chilled cookie crust. Bake at 375° for 45 minutes. Leave the cake in the oven with the heat turned off and the door ajar for 45 minutes. Remove from the oven; allow to cool for 45 minutes, and then remove the sides of the pan. Chill at least 4 hours before serving. Serving option: Top with fresh strawberries or raspberries.

Coffee-Time QuiltsFind more recipes perfect to pair with coffee—
plus 12 coffee-inspired quilts—in the eBook Coffee-Time Quilts >>

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  • that sounds like a yummy recipe

    Bea on December 22, 2014
  • I am going to make a sincere effort to finish several of my UFO’s. I have several in different stages and they won’t get finished sitting in boxes or on a shelf. Ha, ha.

    —Patricia D. Roberts on December 22, 2014
  • I would like to start fewer new projects and finish more of the ones partially done. I would like to continue making art quilts.but try new techniques and products.

    —Barbara on December 22, 2014
  • Definitely #SweetGoodness (recipe and books). Thank you for the yummy recipe. Your book Coffeetime Quilts looks absolutely yummy too! I had not spotted that one, but it does sound like fun. And, who doesn’t love all the #CreativeGoodness that Rose Huge and Mary Lou Weidman teach and inspire? Thanks for the great sale too!


    SewCalGal on December 22, 2014
  • Oh…I am ready to broaden my horizons…love the landscape quilts…just awesome.

    Everyone loves a cheese cake, thanks so much!

    Barb on December 22, 2014
  • First, to make the ‘Double-shot Mocha Cheesecake’! Then to lay out unfinished projects and finish them. It works!

    —Robbie on December 22, 2014
  • My quilting resolutions for 2015!!!! To finish 7 UFO’s! I have the tops made, just need to put in the batting and backing and finish them before I start a new project. And to finish re-arranging and cleaning up my quilting room! Those are
    my two big resolutions!

    —Jeanette Spellmeyer on December 22, 2014
  • I’m sure I say the same thing every new year..finish the stuff I already have started before starting a new project. Somehow, it never works out for me. Between looking for a job and getting my house ready to sell, there never seems to be enough hours in a day to sit and sew. There are two "landscape" quilts floating in my brain and I’d love to put them down on fabric sometime in the next year.

    —debra lee on December 22, 2014
  • spend as much time as possible sewing. Learn something new. Those landscapes have always fascinated me.

    —Lori Sutton on December 22, 2014
  • Wonderful, Thanks!

    —Maryellen on December 22, 2014
  • I have put my toes in the waters of Art Quilts but am now ready to dive in. I have the book Out of the Box so plan to make a more serious effort. Thanks for the motivation.

    —Pat D on December 23, 2014
  • I have just started to love art quilts. I have sew many quilts and need to start to make some other things for our home. I love doing applique so this might be a good thing to learn.

    —Renea on December 26, 2014
  • My Quilting Resolutions: Let’s see…finish 4 QOV; 7 UFO’s; and make my new pattern quilt that I won this year during the FABSHOPHOP. I fell in love with the quilt, got the pattern and during a local Quilt Shop sale, I purchased all the batiks for it. I told myself, I wouldn’t start it this year because I didn’t want to hurry through it, but rather to savor each block in creating instead. Oh, and let me not forget the three Bonnie Hunter WIP that I have. That makes 15 quilts total and for all practical purposes, they ought to keep me busy and out of trouble…..maybe?

    Keep smiling,

    Lynnita Shipman on December 26, 2014
  • I am so disappointed that all your monthly sales are always ebooks. I want to hold a book and turn the pages. Is there anyway to have both options?

    —Dorothy on December 26, 2014
  • Hi Dorothy,
    Thank you for your note. We do have the occasional print book sale, in fact we just had full week sale after Thanksgiving. Martingale

    —Karen Johnson on December 27, 2014
  • For years I have thought about making a landscape quilt of our lakefront but I have yet to do it. Maybe the Dream Landscapes book will inspire me to get to it!

    —sharon on December 29, 2014

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