Learn to machine quilt with Pat Sloan? Yes please (+ big giveaway!)

First she taught you all about appliqué; then she turned triangles into a hassle-free task. Now celebrated teacher, designer, and bubbly quilting personality Pat Sloan is back to teach you the know-how you need to become a confident machine quilter.


We are so excited about pairing up with Pat to bring you an all-new resource, perfect for every quilter who’s tried to machine quilt but hasn’t been happy with the results!

In Pat Sloan’s Teach Me to Machine Quilt, Pat guides you through both walking-foot quilting and free-motion quilting, all with her relaxed, no-stress approach to learning. Step-by-step photos, tons of tips, and Pat’s encouraging advice will inspire you to try—and motivate you to practice!

From tension troubles to stitching speed to what quilting designs to use, Pat’s got your questions covered. And when you buy the book, you’ll gain instant access to bonus video tutorials starring Pat herself! Here is one example:

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And if all that wasn’t enough, Pat’s even included nine pretty projects for practice.


You’ll be proud of the machine quilting you can do right at home!

Reference guide + project book + video tips + Pat cheering you on along the way. Everyone who quilts (or has a stack of quilt tops—you know who you are!) needs Pat’s new book. She’s our guest writer today, here to tell you more of what you’ll learn. Welcome back, Pat!

But first . . .

BIG GIVEAWAY—THREE WINNERS! Pat’s brought three companies together for a great giveaway: our friends at Moda Fabrics supplied six fun fabric panels (you’ll understand why when you read Pat’s post below). Our friends at Aurifil contributed three boxes of Pat’s new thread collection, called the Perfect Box of Neutrals. And we’re giving away three copies of the book!


Throw your hat in the ring to win this fun giveaway—learn how at the end of this post.

Pat-SloanWhen making a quilt, one of my greatest satisfactions is to do the whole process myself, and that includes quilting the layers.

When I started machine quilting on a pretty inexpensive and basic machine, my walking foot didn’t work very well. Actually, it was so bad I couldn’t move the fabric under the foot! So I came up with other ways to get the quilting done.

After I got a new machine (yay!) I was able to successfully free-motion quilt, and now I do both free-motion and walking-foot machine quilting.

I’ve taught people to quilt their own quilts for years, and you can learn too. My goal with Pat Sloan’s Teach Me to Machine Quilt is to give you a basic set of tools to start with.

I begin with how to baste the layers together, then show you how to practice. Oh my yes, I DID say “that word!” Then I take you through using simple, basic quilting patterns to give your quilt that next layer of design.

Walking-foot and free-motion quilting

ThreadsBut there is another part—the thread! You need gorgeous thread. I tell you all about the different thread weights and when to use them. (My newest thread collection is my Perfect Box of Neutrals 40-weight thread for Aurifil, which is excellent for machine quilting.)

Free-motion quilting is a series of things you do, much like driving a car. At first it might feel a bit awkward, but with practice—back to that practice thing—the steps become second nature.

Now, I have a secret tip for you that will change your free-motion quilting life.

Quilt five fabric panels in a row. Find five cute fabric panels, one with motifs you can quilt around. First baste all five panels first so you have them at the ready; then quilt on them every day until you finish. Don’t stop practicing for weeks in between. By the end of your panel practice, you’ll see a massive improvement as your muscle memory connects the dots on how to do these new techniques.

Free-motion quilted fabric panel

I hope you enjoy my new book in the “Teach Me” series!

Pat Sloan's Teach Me to Machine QuiltWhen it comes to machine quilting, are you:

  1. a) Confident as can be.
  2. b) Practicing and progressing.
  3. c) Waiting for the right time (or book) to try!

Tell us in the comments and you could win three fabric panels from Moda, the Perfect Box of Neutrals thread from Aurifil, and Pat Sloan’s Teach Me to Machine Quilt. We’ll choose three random winners one week from today and let you know by email if you win. Good luck!

Ready to get started with your machine-quilting practice with Pat now? Buy the book and instantly download the eBook for free.

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Thanks to all who entered the drawing. The three winners are:

Claire, who says, “I’m practicing but improving at a snail’s pace. That’s why I need this book!.”

Nancy, who says, “I love everything about Pat Sloan and would so enjoy more instruction from Pat!”

Susanne, who says, “This sounds like an awesome book to get and learn from, I love how you explained the speed between hand and foot control in your video, never thought about getting that in sync. Thank you for that Pat.”

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