Learn the Kim Diehl freezer-paper applique technique (video)

Boy oh boy does best-selling author Kim Diehl know how to appliqué.

Penny Garland
Penny Garland by Kim Diehl, from
Simple Appeal

Now, we know that some of you out there are flat-out scared of the “a” word. But what if Kim Diehl was sitting next to you, sharing her tips, advice, and techniques? (And her delightful sense of humor too—just visit her Instagram page to see what we mean!)

We bet if Kim was your guide, you’d wrangle up the confidence to try appliqué (or try it again)—and you might even like it!

Simple AppliqueToday we’re sharing a little video we put together from Kim’s book Simple Appliqué. In the book, Kim shares six of her favorite appliqué techniques, and in the video we’re giving you a peek at one: freezer-paper appliqué.

We thought we knew how to do freezer-paper appliqué, but when we learned about the way Kim approaches it—with her clever twists and tweaks—it made it even easier. One trick we’d never thought of: lay the shiny side of your freezer-paper patterns up, not down, on the wrong side of your appliqué fabric. What?! Don’t worry, it’ll all make sense in the video:

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Do you get the freezer-paper twist now? Just too smart, right? That Kim . . . always coming up with a better way (thank you, Kim!). And Kim Diehl’s Best Appliqué Freezer Paper is the perfect companion to any of her books.

Once you try Kim’s techniques from Simple Appliqué (including needle-turn, fusion, trapunto, wool, fusible, and her trademark invisible machine appliqué), you’ll be inspired to dive into her other best-selling books with the confidence of an appliqué aficionado. Just think, you could be making:

Homestead Harvest quilt
Homestead Harvest from
Simple Appeal

Four and Twenty Blackbirds quilt
Four and Twenty Blackbirds from
Simple Charm

Harvest Tapestry quilt
Harvest Tapestry from
Simple Harvest

So why not give it a go?

So tell us, are you:

  • An appliqué aficionado
  • An appliqué apprentice
  • An aspiring appliquér (but haven’t tried it yet!)

Share your answer in the comments!









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