🧺 Laundry Basket Quilts is back with stellar star quilts! 🧺

The third book in Edyta Sitar’s best-selling “Patches” series celebrates a quintessential quiltmaking motif: the star! 🌟🌟🌟

Patches of Stars

In Patches of Stars, Star blocks of all varieties first take center stage in a gallery of breathtaking antique quilts, from modest, make-do designs to astonishing showstoppers.

From Patches of Stars
Antique star quilt: Star of Diamonds, 67″ × 81½", Sitar Family collection

 Then, Edyta shares instructions for creating 17 star-studded quilts, many inspired by her antique-quilt collection.

From Patches of Stars
New star quilt: Sticks and Stones

It’s the best of both worlds: antique quilts to inspire and new quilts to create with modern techniques!

From Patches of Stars

From the humble Sawtooth Star to dazzling renditions of Lone Star, Feathered Star, and more, the latest book from Laundry Basket Quilts will inspire you reach for the stars.

We asked Edyta a few questions about her quilting life: read on for her answers!

Edyta SitarStitch This!: You’re a prolific designer, and your “Patches” series of books has really taken off! What inspired you to write the third book in the series, Patches of Stars?

Edyta: With each book in the series I put the spotlight on something that’s special to me in quilting. Patches of Blue was about embracing your favorite color (blue for me). Patches of Scraps was about using the simple shapes of quilting and making use of what you have (scraps). Patches of Stars focuses on my favorite block—the star.

From Patches of Stars
New star quilt: Trail Mix

ST!: What’s your designing process like—and where do you find your inspiration?

Edyta: My inspiration comes from many sources—maybe a dream, maybe an antique, or even events in my life. Once I have an idea that I like, I just run with it!

ST!: Tell us more about the antiques in Patches of Stars—what role do they play in inspiring new designs?

Edyta: For me, antique quilts are a reminder of our quilting journey. As we move forward to create new quilts, it’s  nice to stop and reflect on what was done in the past.

Antique star quilt: LeMoyne Star, 68″ × 77″, Sitar Family collection

ST!: Do you have a favorite quilt from your new book?

Edyta: That’s like asking if I have a favorite child! They are all special to me, each in its own way.

More Star quilts from
Patches of Stars

ST!: What’s inspiring you right now?

Edyta: I love surprises so I can’t share that just yet, but you’ll see soon!

ST!: What’s on your sewing table right now?

Edyta: I have been enjoying our Tannenbaum quilt. The first one I made I cut myself, but I’m using our laser precut kit this time and I’m thinking that I just might be in heaven. We have them available on our website; you must try!

Edyta’s Tannenbaum quilt

ST!: What’s your #1 tip for beginning quilters?

Edyta: Just do it! Don’t set boundaries for yourself, enjoy the process, and don’t be too concerned about achieving perfect results—after all, the goal is “handmade”!

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Patches of Stars

We have a copy of Patches of Stars to give away to one lucky winner today! To enter your name in the random drawing, tell us in the comments:

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We’ll choose one winner a week from today and let you know by email if you win. Good luck! And if you can’t wait to start making your own star-studded quilt with Edyta, you can purchase the book at our website today.

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