Kim Diehl + Pat Wys + baby sewing projects = Adorbz (+ fabric giveaway!)

What happens when two best-selling quilt-book authors—and proud grandmothers—team up for a book brimming with baby sewing projects? Adorableness!

Slurp and Burp Boy Bibbies

Grandmas sew the sweetest things!

From smart and practical to simply adorable, there are lots of fun projects to choose from in the new book Baby Bliss by Kim Diehl and Pat Wys. We guarantee you’ll find the perfect thing to sew for a baby you know.

In Baby Bliss you’ll discover two kinds of projects:

1. Start from scratch using fabrics of your choice—make quilts, bibs, and more, like this King of the Floor Sleep-and-Play Rug:


2. Start with ready-to-embellish items—such as socks, burp cloths, overalls, and onesies—and transform them into one-of-a-kind gifts:


From your stash or lightning fast—the choice is yours, baby!

Nursery-Door-Latch-CoverYou’ll also get Kim and Pat’s words of grandmotherly wisdom throughout Baby Bliss—and clever projects to go with them. One example is this little latch cover for the nursery door (right). Pretty ingenious, huh? And cute too!

We wanted the backstory: how did Kim and Pat come up with the idea for their first book together—and how did they create it when they lived on opposite sides of the country? Get their answers in our exclusive Q&A below, plus more peeks at the darling projects in Baby Bliss.

But first…

FABRIC GIVEAWAY! Our friends at Henry Glass & Co. sent us a giant bundle of joy—25 flannel fat quarters from Kim’s new Ric Rac Paddywack line for Baby—to give to one lucky winner.


Learn how you can win this fun bundle at the bottom of this post.

Baby Bliss Q&A

Stitch This!: How did you two come together to write Baby Bliss? Did you know each other before you joined creative forces?

Grandma-KimKim: Pat and I met years ago when she was a student in a workshop I was teaching. Even though she was very shy and quiet (wink) she somehow managed to stand out from the crowd. We’ve been friends ever since! When we discovered that our daughters were both expecting babies around the same time, we caught a bad case of baby fever and started sewing like crazy. Pictures and text messages were flying across the airwaves as we shared what we made and tried to one-up each other. Then one day it occurred to us that other people might enjoy making some of these goodies for their own babies. And Baby Bliss was born!
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Grandma-PatPat: I took a class from Kim several years ago, and I guess the best way to explain our first meeting is that she “had me at hello.” Kim has me in stitches all the time. We struck up a friendship, seeing each other at Quilt Market and teaching together. We’ve both said it would be so much fun if we lived next door to each other. I have a feeling there would be a lot of cooking and sewing going on! The Kim and Pat story continues with texting and calling, as if we were still writing our book. I have a good feeling that we’ll be close friends forever. We are bound at the heart.

ST!: How is being a quilting and sewing grandma different from being a quilting and sewing mom?

Kim: Young mothers today are SO much more savvy and sophisticated than when I was a new mother, but with my “advanced” age comes experience. I know which things are indispensable go-to items during the early months of Baby’s life. There’s no such thing as too many bibs, burp cloths, and blankies! Another huge difference? TIME and SLEEP. Both of these are in short supply when you’re a new mom, so being a grandma means you’ve got more time to stitch and enjoy the fun stuff.

Kim’s Girly-Girl Bibs

Pat: Being a quilting grandy is the best kind of sewing in the world. I used to sew for my girls, making dresses, Halloween costumes, and the like. But sewing for the grands is something different. Just knowing that you’ve created something special for them to enjoy (and probably drag around and ruin) is so carefree. Pure joy. BABY BLISS! That’s part of the reason we chose items to purchase and embellish. Why reinvent the wheel and get stressed out? Give plain purchased bibs a new lease on life. Transform some basic overalls into a fun lion outfit with a few simple handmade touches. I could sew for days for my angels. I’m also making nonstop gifts for baby showers and baby homecomings. I can’t stop myself!

Pat’s All Jazzed Up Overalls

ST!: How did you dream up project ideas for Baby Bliss—did you get together for a big baby brainstorming session? How did you bounce ideas off each other?

Kim: Pat and I live in opposite parts of the country, so we each made lists of our favorite projects, connected by phone and email to compare notes, and found that a perfect balance naturally fell into place. There was very little tweaking to do. After sewing for our grandies, we were hooked on being in sewing rooms that looked like the aftermath of a flannel and minky hurricane! We couldn’t wait to dive back into stitching baby projects for this book.

Pat: We each made a long list of projects we thought would work. I remember my list had about 30 items. Kim texted me and told me to simmer down (I was quite excited!). We looked for similar items on each list so we could pair some boy and girl items together. Putting the ideas and projects together was a snap. It simply worked. Creating this book was a designer’s heaven.

Kim’s Ric Rac Paddywack Chevron Quilt and Pat’s Stardust Baby Quilt

ST!: Your projects from Baby Bliss have been baby-tested—by your own grandbabies! Which projects are the most loved so far?

Kim: Nothing has made me happier than to see my little Norah using all of her nana-made items. For the first year of her life she was always decked out in embellished onesies, leggings, and beanies. And she still uses her bibs! Her personal favorite, though, is the little Sock It to Me Teddy Bear that I made for her, because it’s soft and easy for her to hold. My newest little grandbaby, Ruby, is just three months old, but she already loves falling asleep clutching her Gaggle of Taggles Mini blanket that I made from trimmed flying-geese patchwork corners.

Kim’s Sock It to Me Teddy Bears, each made from two pairs of women’s socks

Pat: Without question, all three of my grands LOVE their Tags for Days Taggy Blanket loveys. They sleep with them, and we can see the babies on the baby monitor playing with the tags before they settle down for naps or bedtime. The Slurp and Burp Boy Bibbies are in constant use, so the adults love those! The King of the Floor Sleep-and-Play Rug is a showstopper. The rug is large and looks adorable in front of their cribs. The projects are tested and approved by Owen, Walker, and Jane. A special note to you readers: make extra taggy blankets with your scraps of ribbon and you’ll always have a baby gift ready to go.

Pat’s Tags for Days Taggy Blanket, made with scraps of assorted ribbons and trims

Baby BlissKim and Pat, can we come sew with you sometime? You gals know how to have fun—thanks for Q & A-ing with us!

How many babies do you know who would love a special handmade gift from you: 1 to 5 little ones, 6 to 10 little ones, or more than 10—in other words, a LOT of little ones? Tell us in the comments and you could win the Ric Rac Paddywack fat-quarter bundle from Henry Glass & Co. PLUS a copy of Baby Bliss! We’ll choose a random winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win.

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