Kim Diehl flash sale – first-ever!

Simple Traditions by Kim DiehlBig news: right now, we’re holding our first-ever flash sale of a favorite book by best-selling author and all-around favorite Kim Diehl!

In Simple Traditions, Kim presents 14 classic projects embodying the restful joy that only quilts can bestow on a home. Rich in decorating inspiration to warm your decor, this cornerstone of Kim’s best-selling "Simple" series is available only as an eBook.

Right now, you can download the Simple Traditions eBook for just $6. This weekend eBook sale ends Monday, Jan. 18, at noon (PST).

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Spend all weekend in the cozy comfort of Kim’s signature style:

lap quilts from Simple Traditions by Kim Diehl

Settle into your favorite overstuffed armchair and wrap yourself in a lap quilt built of sturdy Log Cabin blocks or bedaubed with Snowball blocks in the warmest plaids and ticking stripes.


bed quilts from Simple Traditions by Kim Diehl

Drift off to dreamland in a bed smoothly spread with spinning Pinwheel blocks or brightened by a rainbow of Square-in-a-Square blocks.


wall quilts from Simple Traditions by Kim Diehl

Step inside after a brisk winter walk and rest your eyes on an indoor garden of deftly appliquéd zinnias or a fertile field of Nine-Patch blocks.


Small quilts from Simple Traditions by Kim Diehl

Smile in delight as you discover stitched surprises playing peek-a-boo among treasured heirlooms.


Where is your coziest quilt kept: spread over a bed, draped over an armchair, or softening a chair in your sewing room? Tell us in the comments!

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