Kathy Brown, queen of ease (+ sale on 4 books)

Kathy_BrownAs you settle into a long holiday of joyful stitching, treat yourself to a bevy of enjoyable and easy patterns by bestselling author Kathy Brown.

If you’ve never stitched a Kathy Brown quilt, you’re about to make a fun fabric-filled discovery! Kathy’s simple and quick quilt patterns are designed for instant stitching gratification and are dazzling to behold.

Right now, you can get your hands on four of Kathy’s popular books for 20% off PLUS free shipping!
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Just look at all the simply stunning quilts you can make!


Strip-Smart Quilts: 16 Designs from One Easy Technique

Strip-Smart Quilts by Kathy Brown

Got strips? Simply select ’em, sew ’em together, and cut ’em with a right-angle triangle ruler for scrappy or strategically styled designs with nearly effortless triangle elements.

strip smart shapes

strip smart_intricate blocks


Strip-Smart Quilts II: Make 16 Triangle Quilts with One Easy Technique

Strip-Smart Quilts II

Even beginners will love showing off the dramatic chevrons and triangles they can create with precision and SPEED. Give a copy to a stitching newbie, and keep another for yourself for hours of point-filled perfection.

Zigzags from Strip-Smart Quilts II

triangles from Strip-Smart Quilts II


Take 5: Quilts from Just 5 Fabrics

Take 5 by Kathy Brown

Five minutes: that’s all you need to get started on a gorgeous quilt. Take just five minutes to select five fabrics and you’re ready to go! Simply stack, cut, and start sewing—Kathy’s clever technique makes it that easy.

fun colors from Take 5

shapes from Take 5


More Take 5 Quilts: 16 New Quick and Easy Projects

More Take 5 Quilts by Kathy Brown

Want to stitch a lovely quilt based on a traditional pattern but find yourself short on time? Kathy’s got you covered with simplified designs that require just five fabrics. Get a scrappy or coordinated look with ease, while putting your favorite five fabrics brilliantly on display!

fun shapes from More Take 5 Quilts

prints from More Take 5 Quilts

Don’t delay! This fantastic sale ends Jan. 3, 2016. Buy one—or all four!

Which to you prefer during the holidays: dipping your toes in some simple designs or tackling a single complex project? Tell us in the comments!

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